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Sebastian Stan met Mark Hamill... and they look like they could be related.

This is too nerdy even for me. Bucky Barnes and Luke Skywalker in the same place, and they look like they have basically the same face. I can't even.

It's uncanny.

Of course, the two actors were completely adorable about it too.

That pun is probably going to be the death of me.


If I were Sebastian Stan I would have totally been freaking out right then. Also fun fact, because Marvel ran the Star Wars comics a few years (ok, decades) ago, it's technically possible that both their characters exist in the same universe. Which is, frankly, mind-blowing. ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY BOTH LOST A HAND.
I secretly have a hope that there will be some kinda marvel/star wars cross over movie
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bobs fett vs iron man
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dam autocorrect...
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@buddyesd is bob the hydra agent secretly boba fett???
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@shannonl5 of course!! (slams fist in hand) he must be!! we should investigate
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