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Sorry for the very very late update! I didn't know if I wanted to make it into two parts or not but I finally decided not to. This chapter is mostly about GD, actually all of it is. I hope you like it and credit to the fanart owner.
"So are you going to tell me or not?" Taeyang repeated. G Dragon stood there in hesitation debating on if he should really tell Taeyang what happened. I mean he is G Dragons best friend but would he get mad at Top for forcing a kiss on him? G Dragon took a deep breath and began to talk. "After you left on the first day of recording we continued until I called it a day. So after Top left I started to play in the recording booth and rapped some lyrics of mine. Top came back into the studio and saw me rapping and I didn't notice until I quit rapping. I started to come out of the booth but Top started to walk towards me and one thing lead to another and he kissed me," G Dragon started to continue but Taeyang stopped him. "Wait a minute. He kissed you!" Taeyang said with a little anger in his voice. "Yeah but then I pushed him away and slapped him. I didn't mean to it just happened," G Dragon said. "He forced a kiss on you and you slapped him but you didn't mean to?" Taeyang asked confused. "Yes and then before you walked in earlier he apologized and thought I didn't roll that way and then I told him I did and he was shocked and then I kissed him but then flashbacks of my ex came into mind and I freaked out and quit kissing him," G Dragon said sadly. "Did you think Top would do the same?" Taeyang asked worriedly. "I don't know that's why I freaked out," G Dragon replied. "Even though I'm pissed at him for forcing a kiss on you I don't think he's that type of guy, I mean look at him he's anything but mean. I don't think he could hurt a fly," Taeyang said with a soft chuckle. G Dragon looked at Taeyang and smiled with an agreeing nod. After G Dragon confessed on what happened Taeyang left and G Dragon stayed in the studio a little bit longer. FLASHBACK "What did I tell you about touching me!" "Not to unless you say I can," Jiyong said quietly. "I'm getting tired of you doing this shit! Do I have to teach you another lesson?" "No," Jiyong flinched. "Good now learn to stay in your place!" The only other person he let call him Jiyong and he wasn't even allowed to embrace him. "Jiyong!" Jiyong flinched at the calling. He knew what was going to happen. "Yes?" Jiyong replied. "Bed. Now!" Even when we make love I'm not allowed to do anything. I can't grab onto him or kiss him or anything. I could only lay there and let him do everything. Would this be considered rape? Not if I let him do it. I want to hold onto him just once. Jiyong slowly raised his arm to grab onto him but next thing he knew he was being slapped and all he could do is lay there and let it happen. Tears filling his eyes, he just laid there until he was finished with him. "Don't ever try to fucking touch me again understood!" Jiyong just nodded and silently cried his self to sleep. That night Jiyong had a dream that his boyfriend finally went off and started choking him trying to kill him because he accidentally grazed his hand. The next day he woke up and finally said to himself. "I've had enough, I can't deal with anymore. If I can't even hold onto the person I care for then it isn't true love. It's just...lust." Jiyong got up and noticed his boyfriend wasn't in the room, so he took this chance and got a bag and started to put clothes in it and then called Taeyang. "Jiyong! Hows it going?" Taeyang said as he answered the phone. "I need help," Jiyong whispered. "What happened? Did he hurt you again!?" Taeyang shouted. "I need you to come get me," Jiyong pleaded. "I knew I should have kicked his ass the last time I saw him. Dirty bastard is going to pay for what he did! I'll see you in a few minutes" Taeyang said through gritted teeth. "Taeyang don't do anything stupid," Jiyong said before Taeyang ended the call. Jiyong hid the bag of clothes just in case his boyfriend came back into the room. After the call with Taeyang ended his boyfriend came crashing through the door with a happy expression on his face, he even kissed Jiyong. "Are you okay?" Jiyong asked. "Yeah why wouldn't I be?" "You never kiss me like that." Jiyong said "Well you know everything's just going good at work." I don't believe a single word you say. You probably went and screwed somebody else. You smell like sex and sweat, Jiyong said to himself. He could never say it to his boyfriend. His boyfriend would probably hit him for "disrespecting" him. I hope Taeyang gets here quick. "Hey, I'm gonna go hang out with a friend in a little bit." Jiyong said. "Whatever." Is that really all he has to say? I figured he would yell at me and tell me I couldn't go. Somethings not right, Jiyong worried. "My friends here. See you in a little bit." Jiyong lied. "Sure" That was the last time Jiyong saw him or so he thought.
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