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Obvious Reasons Why Sleeping In Your Makeup Isn't Okay

We've all done it before.

Whether you were just too lazy or ended up crashing before you made it to the bathroom, we can all agree that we've skipped washing our makeup off after a long day. If you've ever found yourself laying in a pillow full of foundation and mascara the next day, you know just how real the struggle is -- and that's only the half of it.
I used to hate removing my makeup. I felt like it took way too much time and effort, until I realized just how important it was. I made it an important part of my nightly regime and you will never catch me sleeping in a face full of makeup, unless I plan on looking like pizza face later on in the week. BuzzfeedYellow decided to dig deep and fill us all in on what sleeping in your makeup actually does to your face. If you're known for snoozing with your face beat all the way down, you might want to keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Do you sleep in your makeup often?

It's okay to come clean. No pun intended.
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@jordanhamilton Yep. But when that happens when I wake up I think I try to scrub my face off...?I Is it just me? Lol.
2 years ago·Reply
Uhhhh taking off mascara is the absolutely worse! @JessicaChaney
2 years ago·Reply
Haha definitely not just you. I find myself doing the same @JamiMilsap
2 years ago·Reply
I really have a hard time understanding how people go to sleep like that lol like for me ( I don't even use base) and when I get home is the first thing I do because I feel it's so uncomfortable. I usually use makeup removing wipes and sometimes wash after but usually just use about two wipes (one to remove and one to clean up)
2 years ago·Reply
also, when you sleep with makeup your skin is not free and can make up break out... either way it's not good lol
2 years ago·Reply