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While Kylie Jenner's lip kits seem to be a hit in the beauty world, not everyone is as happy as they thought they would be. We've heard about the glitch online with the website, damaged goods being delivered and now a consumer is filing a complaint based on the formula.
According to blogger Stephanie Nicole, Kylie's lip kits use the same exact formula as Colourpop cosmetics. Now if you've read my previous cards, you will know that I'm not the biggest fan of Colourpop because I find their products to be rather drying on my lips. Stephanie did a bit of investigating and found out that both Kylie's company and Colourpop happen to be owned by the same company. Which leads the blogger to realize that not only is Colourpop better quality, but the two products are nearly identical.
While this wouldn't be an issue for many, it seems to be more of an issue than many think. Kylie has admitted to being friends with the founders of the company, but to make matters worse -- she charges more for her products when they're basically the same exact lippies with different packaging.
Although this probably won't come as a shock or an issue to most, for those who have spent their money on what they thought would be good quality liquid lipsticks only to receive subpar products -- it's a bigger deal than you think. Keep scrolling to check out Stephanie's rant and review on Kylie's lip kit products below.

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Lol I wouldn't even be surprised! Kylie is just trying to make some coins @TessStevens
@jordanhamilton This is why i don't really trust celeb beauty collabs because 50% of the time the products are the same only the product packaging and marketing is different.
literally just did a card right now on my experience with mine.
yep! I definitely learned my lesson after reading this @cindystran
just checked it out :) @stephosorio