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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Warning: (M). Also poorly written, I apologise.
Length: 2600 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 14/?
We stood there, hugging each other, not wanting to let go. Despite my hardest efforts, Namjoon had knocked down those protective barriers. I sighed sadly into his chest, the tears I had been holding back silently rolling down my cheek.
Because who knew what would happen in the future? Maybe Namjoon was playing with my feelings again. There was no doubt in my mind that even if he didn’t go to that girl, she would sure as hell come to him. I think Jin was lying- she hadn’t been to any counsellor at all. I saw the way she was latched on to Namjoon on the first day.
“What the hell did I do wrong?” I mumbled into his chest, trying to muster up some anger or annoyance, but my chest was too tight from the overwhelming sadness I felt. My friendship with Jin had gone to shit, my relationship was all over the place. At least my class still liked me...for now.
He tightened his grip. “Nothing. You did nothing wrong. I am the idiot here, OK? You did nothing.” I swallowed the lump in my throat but said nothing.
Namjoon broke the silence again by asking, “...So, am I forgiven?” He sounded so sheepish that I pulled my head away to look at him properly, a small smile playing on my lips. “I don’t know yet.”
He flashed me a small smile of his own, bending over so our foreheads touched. We both stared at each others tear-streaked faces as he whispered, “Maybe this will change your mind.”
He slowly came closer, his eyes dark and pupils dilated with nothing other than pure lust. His lips met mine, a slow but firm action, as our tears were mingling to make one salty stream. I opened my mouth slightly to allow him further access, as I sighed in pleasure.
He pulled away slowly, and bought his face into the crook of my neck, and I tilted my head to allow him access to it. “You’re mine y/n”, he whispered huskily. “Only mine.”
He started sucking on the skin, making me moan out loud, my eyes tightly screwed shut. I loved that feeling and Namjoon knew it. “And I’m yours”, he whispered, his hot breath fanning my neck.
“Namjoon...”, I could only gasp as my blouse was pulled off, the air hitting my now-exposed body. I had gone from trying to break up with him to this? How even? He wiped his tears away with his hands, before wiping my own with his thumbs gently.
His hands now at the side of my head, he kissed me again, more urgently, and I kissed back, matching his eagerness. It felt so right, it was just what I needed. Just me and him. Namjoon.
Namjoon’s lips trailed down, leaving kisses all over the newly exposed skin. Neither of us mentioned the mark that Jin had left, but I could tell it irked him. I almost felt guilty, until I remembered that I wasn’t the one who had slept with someone else- he had.
His fingers played with the waistband of my skirt until he abruptly pulled that down to.The fabric came in contact with my grazed skin, and I winced at the stinging sensation. He started taking his own clothes off, and moving towards the sofa, only clad in his boxers.
His deep voice rasped, “Come here”. There was something about his tone of voice, the way his muscles were tensed, the way his dark eyes were observing me, that was borderline intimidating. And I absolutely loved it.
I tentatively followed his instruction, stopping right in front of him. He gazed at me with half-lidded eyes, making me shudder when his fingers lightly moved up and down my arm.
Abruptly, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into his lap, bucking his hips into me. I grasped his shoulders tightly and gasped. “Who’s are you?” he whispered, as I shut my eyes and bit my lip hard enough to draw blood as he bucked his hips again.
Instead of answering, I let out a quiet moan. “I asked you something baby.” He stilled, making me open my eyes. I was already panting which was slightly embarrassing. But Namjoon always had me like this before he even did anything.
“Yours”, I whispered. His hands moved up and down my thigh as smiled at my answer. “And who’s am I?” I clutched the back of his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss, and he gripped my thigh, returning the gesture.
I pulled away to whisper, “Mine. All mine.” The look Namjoon gave me was sinful as he rid me of my bra. “That’s what I like to hear baby.” I briefly got up to take off the only thing I had left on me- as did Namjoon.
He quickly walked over and as soon as he got his wallet out, I knew what he was retrieving. A condom. On his way back to the sofa, he grabbed my hand, and slowly pulled me along with him.
As I lay there, he unexpectedly slipped two digits into me, making me gasp his name as pleasure took over every fibre of my being. I didn’t even have to look at him to know he was smirking. “So wet. What got my babygirl so wet huh?”
Again, why I didn’t answer, he thrust in even harder, making me moan- very loudly. “You did Namjoon”, I groaned. I was already almost there, just a couple more thr-
I gasped as he pulled out, trembling from the sudden lack of contact. He cupped my face and bought it closer to his lips. Not breaking this contact, I felt his take the hand away, and heard the ripping of the foil packet he had been holding.
I lost myself in the kiss, and didn’t even notice Namjoon align himself, and slide in slowly. I bit down on his bottom lip in response, and I heard him grunt...not sure whether he did it from the pain of the bite or the pleasure.
As he rolled his hips into me, I tightened around him, the two of us gasping nothing but each others names, wanting more- needing more. “Oh my god”, I breathed out, “Namjoon.”
“That’s right”, he grunted. “Say my name, baby”, he murmured against my mouth. His hands travelled up and down me, sending small electric shocks throughout my very being.
I didn’t think it was possible but he thrust in even harder, hitting a spot that elicited the most pleasured moan I had ever let out.
I looked at him hovering above me. His hair was matted to his forehead, his eyes screwed shut in pleasure, his swollen lips releasing throaty grunts. That was enough for me to come undone without warning.
He continued to drill into me, chasing his own release, chanting my name over and over again. He reached it shortly after, immediately getting up to discard the condom.
He returned, and flopped down on the sofa, pulling me up into his arms, as the both of us sat there trying to catch our breath. He started rubbing small circles in my shoulder as I nuzzled into his chest, listening to his gradually calming heartbeat. I drew my legs up, not even feeling the pain in them anymore.
His chest vibrated as he asked me quietly, “Do you regret that?”
I answered with another question. “Why? Are you going to make me regret it?” His fingers froze on my shoulder and I let out a small, tired laugh. “I was just kidding. Do I regret falling for you?- no.”
It was true. I didn’t. No one had ever made me feel the way Namjoon did. Sure we all had little crushes now and then, and they made our heart flutter - for example, Jin was my crush in the years spent training.
But Namjoon was a lot more than that. A lot more. Even as I was thinking this he pulled me in closer, and I felt drowsy from the heat emanating off his skin alone. “I love you”, he murmured into my hair.
I kissed his chest and whispered “I love you too.”
We both showered and changed- Namjoon back in his clothes and me in some pyjamas. He said he had to leave to finish an assignment for another module that had to be submitted before midnight tonight.
My jaw dropped upon hearing this information. “You have work in for today? And you wasted like two hours here?”
He grinned. “You’re more important.” I rolled my eyes and shooed him out. “Go! Good luck with the work!” I would have offered assistance, but it wasn’t a chemistry related module.
I had 4 missed calls from Jin when I finally sat down and checked my phone. I wasn’t going to bother ringing him back- I’d see him at school tomorrow anyway...
The next day, the group of boys who sat at the back were late yet again, yet me and Jin said nothing. Hell, we’d hardly spoken to each other because I had overslept and turned up at nine on the dot- and Jin wouldn’t speak to me around students.
I instantly realised that Namjoon wasn’t with them, but carried on the lecture as usual, not wanting Jin to catch on. The memories of his and Namjoon’s fight flashed to mind, making me stutter- but I swiftly composed myself.
“Miss, what’s up with you today?” Someone called out from the class. I smiled. It made me happy to know that the class was comfortable with interacting with me like that.
I gave a theatrical shrug. “Tired. And certainly not in the mood for Chemistry. God knows how you lot feel.” That set the class off, laughing and cheering.
Jin’s half of the lecture felt quicker than my own, as I sat there, head resting on hand, staring into space.
Before I knew it, they were all filing out. Jin stood on the table in front of me, clicking his fingers in front of my glassy eyed expression. I jerked my head back, startled.
“You’ve been ignoring my calls”, Jin spoke in a low tone, wary of the presence of the other students.
I just stared at him like he was stupid. “There’s nothing to say Jin”, I replied bluntly. What would I say to him? What did he want me to say to him?
“I...wanted to apologise properly...for...what happened.”
“Jin it’s fine”, I knew I was being blunt, but I wasn’t in the mood for conversation. I just wanted to be left alone. Thankfully, Yoona came to the rescue. I nodded my head pointedly to the door. “Someone’s waiting for you”, I said. She legitimately looked scared of coming any closer.
Jin looked visibly frustrated when he saw who it was. “We’ll speak later”, he muttered before walking off reluctantly. I heard a few students wolf whistle at the pair as they walked off together- guess they really were together then.
I buried my face in my arms, feeling exhausted. Last night had been really restless, so I had lost a lot of sleep. I felt a presence in what I thought was an empty classroom, and I lifted my weary head to look up.
It was Namjoon’s friend- Yoongi. Jungkook wasn’t with him this time.“Is something wrong?” I asked him. Maybe he hadn’t understood the lecture. I wouldn’t really know what the hell Jin had taught them though...I hadn’t been listening at all.
His words weren’t malicious or angry, but still made me frown. “You’re really stupid, you know that?”, he replied gently. I frowned, leaning back in my chair to look at him properly. What the hell?
I watched as he crouched down on the other side of the desk, so his height was level with my own. “You forgave Namjoon didn’t you?” I didn’t speak, but my wide-eyed expression was enough. He gave a small smirk, and shook his head.
I knew I was with a student. But I drew the line at discussing this relationship with other students. No matter how good they looked. I wasn’t ashamed to admit that Yoongi was somewhat attractive. Namjoon had said he was around my age too- although he really didn’t look it.
I swallowed before replying. “And? Why am I stupid, exactly?”
He snorted. “Because it’s Namjoon? Don’t believe me? Call him, right now.”
I frowned. “What are you trying to do Yoongi? I should you were his friend...” He sighed, looking down at the table, instead of me. “I am, but I don’t want to see someone get hurt because he can’t keep it in his pants.”
I licked my lips, a sudden overwhelming feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Namjoon had promised me, he was mine and I was his. He had promised.
“Call him”, Yoongi urged me again, as I slowly got out my phone. I would prove this boy wrong. I didn’t have to prove anything to him in the first place, but I didn’t want one of Namjoon’s friends to think he was still cheating.
Yoongi motioned for me to put it on speaker phone, and one I had checked the room was empty, I did just that. Namjoon answered rather quickly. His voice sounded raspy and I assumed he was tired.
Yoongi looked at me intently, gauging my slightest reaction- including my small smile at the sound of his voice. “Hey Namjoon. Why weren't you in the lecture today?”
“Sorry babe. Stayed up until last minute to finish that work and send it off, and then slept in. You miss me?”
I smiled triumphantly at Yoongi, who still didn’t look amused. He was shaking his head again, and it looked like he was holding back from saying something.
“I-er...yeah”, I said, bringing my attention back to the conversation. “Missed you a lot. Er...speak later?”
He just rasped “Sure”, but didn’t end the call. I was about to end it instead, but Yoongi grabbed my hand to stop me. My eyes flitted between the phone, my hand, and his face.
Suddenly, I heard a voice, which made me clamp my spare hand over my mouth.
“Namjoon, who was that babe?” We heard a girls voice speak up. Not just any girl- it was the neighbour. The very girl I had almost broken up with him over.
Namjoon clearly hadn’t realised that instead of ending the call, he had mererly put himself on speaker phone.
Yoongi started rubbing circles on my hand to calm me down. I was now shaking, tearing up, wanting to scream out loud. He had fucked me over yet again.
“It was y/n”, I heard Namjoon reply. “Now...where were we?” We heard a girl giggling, and that was when Yoongi picked up my phone and ended the call for me, his face showing nothing but disgust.
He whispered, “I was never here”, slowly getting up. I just nodded, unable to form words.He had another lecture and he was about fifteen minutes late for him. He slowly let go off my hand, muttering “I’m sorry.”
I didn’t even look up as he hesitantly walked off to get to his next lecture. All I could think was that Namjoon wasn’t mine. And I sure as hell wasn’t his. He had lied to me. All of those words meant nothing to him.
I placed my head down into my arms once more, feeling numb. Feeling alone. I meant nothing to Namjoon....Jin had been right. I was just a plaything. And that hurt.
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