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Hello Nakama and all my Z Warriors!

Abi-May keeps rolling on and it's time to bring in the Titans!

We all know how strong Goku is and we know how hard it is to take down a Titan. Sometimes it takes a whole team (or one Levi) to take on of these down. Recently as part of the DBC (Dragon Ball challenges) I ask you all who can take down Goku? Check that card out here! There was some great answers and I thank all those who participated.

It really got me thinking, could Goku defeat an army of Titans?

He definitely can take down quite a few I'm sure but including the colossal Titan and the Armored Titan can he muster the strength to defeat them? It'll certainly be a challenge especially since he wouldn't want to use up all of his energy Inc the SSJ Blue Kio-Ken X10.

What do you all think? Who would win in a battle between Goku and the Titans? Leave a comment down below!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day! Don't forget to rock the dragon! Check out all of the Mid Week Mini's here! Keep up with all the DBC's Check out all the best cards of the Dragon Ball Community!
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if humans with swords can kill them then Goku could beat the whole Titan race in about 5 minutes
@Ritu Idk, I still feel like it wouldn't work. Not to say he couldn't defeat a good number of them but ultimately I don't think he'd be victorious
Goku, prob... but maybe not all at one time. I think he'd need 2 rest or something sometimes, bc the titans r tough. I think he'd be able 2 take them out faster & easier if he knew the weakness tho.
does goku know about the weakness behind their neck or is he just whacking away if he knew then he would win but if not i doubt he could win i mean he would take out a couple hundred though no doubt
well seeing as most of the Titans are mostly mindless pawns it wouldn't take much but I see your point @tylor619cruz
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