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Fly me away! Part 3

Gosh I'm updating this so fast, I had so many positive people commenting and supporting the story already! I'm loving it! lol. Sorry if the story can be confusing and some of the grammar isn't up to par. This story has turned into a complete goofy story, not a lot makes sense on how conversations start, it just happens lol.
Okay I'll get to the first part . . . After a few pictures I searched my lil heart out for hehe.
After the conversation there was a period of time that went by with not much activity. Music, writing and reading to place. In the middle of the book I was reading I looked up and stared at Trinity.
“Bears?” she questioned.
“What?” I questioned confused by
“Well you're reading that book about little red riding hood, or the spin off from one of your strange books” she said pointing to the cover with a girl in a red cape on.
“How do you get bears from lil red?” I questioned her.
“Well I don’t know. Fairy tales?” she had to think about that for a moment.
“That’s Goldie Locks with the three bears” I said than laughed.
“That’s a shame I always thought they were such a good storybook couple” she said out of nowhere.
“Who? Lil red and the wolf? What story you looking at? Lil red is like horror not romance” I said.
“Nuh uh. The movies portrayed it as a love story” she pointed out. I had to think back to what movie, out of the multiple out there, that was a love story.
“Oh the one with that chick from mama mia.That was an interesting take on the storybook” I nodded understanding.
“Yup, see you could see they would be a good couple” she said.
“Not really. I mean he wants to eat her. Either way” I pointed out.
“But he doesn’t” she said.
“Okay fine. I’d prefer Goldie and the bear than the wolf and red” I told her.
“Well what’s your book about? Goldie or Red?” she asked.
“It’s about a bunch of people discovering an old house that looks like Lil red’s and than a mystery unfolds that is connected to little red riding hood book” I told her.
“That sounds boring” she said.
“It’s not” I said putting it down. “I’m just not into it” I added.
“Than why read it?” she asked. I shrugged.
“I don’t feel like writing. Besides I’ve finally gotten my two books done. I don’t want to start a third yet.” I whined. The volume of my voice got the attention of Partner and he looked over at us.
“You're a writer?” he questioned.
“Yes. I write supernatural books” I smiled at him. “It’s not my profession but I like to do it in my spare time. Do you read?” I asked him.
“Yes. I read Textbooks” he stated.
“Well aren’t you a bag of rainbows” I said grinning, Trinity laughed next to me.
“How can you read textbooks?” she questioned him.
“They are for school” he shrugged.
“Well do you read for fun?” I asked him.
“Not so much, lots of classes” he said.
“Really, how many do you take each semester?” I asked.
“Six” he said. Holy cow, that was a lot. I had done 3 each semester and I had thought that was a lot.
“Go you!” I cheered. It drew the attention of the guys in front of us. Some of them were sleeping, It looked like Jin and Tae Young who were in my view were awake and Rap Monsta and Suga were, the other three were looking dead to the world.
“Let me out” Trinity asked. I gave her a skeptical look.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because I have to go to the bathroom” she said with an annoyed face. “I won’t trip and fall into someone’s lap” she added making me laugh.
“The fact you say that says something” I said skeptically.
“Well, it did cross my mind” she admitted.
“And that is why I should be hesitant to say yes” I said very slowly.
“Sooooo?” she urged me to go on making me laugh.
“Damn, okay, sure” I said starting to get up. She grinned as she unbuckled herself and jumped up from her seat, only to bump her head on the ceiling of the plane.
“You Okay?” Suga asked looking at her.
“Peachy” she said as she rubbed her head. I let her out of her seat and than sat back down, keeping her in site as she started walking, super slow down the small isle. She past all the guys and went to the bathroom. I shrugged.
“Safe enough” I said than went back to reading my book.
Five minutes went by and she still hadn’t come back.
“Is your friend bleeding in there?” Suga leaned over the top of the seat to look at me.
“No, she’s not on her period” I said not phased and continuing to read the line over again.
“Period?” he questioned making me look up. His face was scrunched up as he thought.
‘Oh” it dawned on him. “Not what meant!” he exclaimed which grabbed all the guys who were awake to look at him. “I meant head. Head when she hit it” his voice was higher than before.
I just stared at him.
“You can check on her?” I offered. He stared for another moment and than nodded.
“Let me out” He said to RM. I watched as he walked down the aisle to the bathroom and than knocked on door.
“What her name again?” he called out. We could all hear him now. Blushing I called out Trinity’s name. He repeated it as he knocked on the door and asked if she was alright. A moment later the door burst open and she stood there staring at Suga.
“I’m fine” she called out. “Just a little bump” she said rubbing her head. He patted her head and than pushed her down a little so that he could see.
“That does not look bad” he said.
“Kiss it and make feel better” One of the guys in the front row called out. I could see Trinity Blush from where I sat.
“She’s gotta be loving that” I mumbled to myself.
“Suga did just that, he grinned at her before putting his hands on either side of her head and pulling her head so that he could brush his lips over her temple.
“Better” he questioned. Trinity just nodded. They both came back to their seats. Both Rap Monsta and I stood up to allow them to get in.
“How much longer do we have?” I questioned Trinity as I took my seat. She looked at the little screen at the front of the plane. It was showing where we were in the sky, how long it would take to reach our destination and another screen that looked like the plan flying over the ocean.
“It looks like we still have 11 hours to go” she told me.
“Omg, we’ve barely put a dent in this and we’ve been in there air for 5 hours” I groaned.
“No for three hours. It takes 14 hours to get to Seoul” Rap monsta said. He apparently was listening even if he hadn’t been turned in our direction.
“But we came from Chicago, so I’m just adding on a couple hours from there” I told him. He made a noise that sounded like a snort.
“Change seats!” One of the other guys in their group called out. As he did all of those guys stood up, careful not to hit their heads.
“What are you doing?” Trinity asked.
“Moving around” Suga said as he waved at her. Those two went and sat at the first row, the two guys who sat in those middle seats moved to sit in front of us and the two who were in the front row in the middle row with poor Jung kook got stuck with staying in the middle seat.
(so just so it’s less confusing I make little point of where people located so far)
ROW 1: Suga Rap monsta
ROW 2: Taehung J Hope Jimin Jin Jungkook
ROW 3: Trinity Arianna Panther
If you want to be added let me know and I'll update the list, prolly in each update, maybe add to earlier updates if I'm editing story to fix grammer. 'SMILES'
@SugaOnTop Omg right....Suga is trying to beat up Jimin for his spot on my bias list....I want to be stuck on a plane with them now
Your story always makes me happy. I would have died if Suga did that to me.
btw @SweetDuella love this!!!
I'm ded! I'm so ded!
Please tag me! I love this so much!
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