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Some of my friends absolutely hate the Civilization games. I don't blame them, they aren't as much games to me as they are fun little experiments in the world. And of course they are, yes, technically games where there's a win/lose state but I just enjoy the building up of society and whenever I play I don't really care if I win or lose.
And unfortunately for me, I haven't played a Civ game since the one on the consoles came out a couple years back so news about a new Civ game coming out this fall has me excited. Especially since I have a computer that can actually run the game now. It's an experience that I can't wait to start.
Even though "building up society" sounds like a boring exercise in boring-town. I really like participating in the evolution of technology and society. Even though earning certain types of victories (such as the technological one) are the hardest in the game, I don't mind spending hours trying to achieve this goal.
It's one of the few games that rewards you for taking a non-violent approach to the crisis the game presents you with. And for me, taking the extra time and effort in order to be the first civilization to make it to space is worth it. There's nothing like building up your society in such a way that makes them the best at, well, space. And space is where it's at folks, just ask the Call of Duty people. They know.
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omg! Civilisation is one of my favourite game franchise, even though I'm not very good at it. I just hope they'd stop design Gandi to be so malevolent! I offer peace treaty he always refuse and then he just nuke me! aarghhh brings back memories....