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@goyo greatness shouldn't be limited to offensive prowess, but LeBron is arguably the best player in the NBA on both sides of the ball. I also think that because the game has changed so much people leave out players from that era
@happyrock but greatness i do not believe should be limited to offensive prowess. It should be measured by how much a single player dominated the entire league. And in that case, I sometimes cannot help but wonder "how can not more people think who was better at Bill Russell at singlehandedly altering a game"? I mean his defensive prowess was so incredible he built that Celtics run (and i hate the Celtics lol)
@goyo between James and Jordan the rings matter. Bill Russell is no doubt one of the best of all time, but his offensive prowess wasn't to the degree of that LeBron and Jordan in my opinion
@happyrock if the rings are all that matters than the greatest of all time is bill Russell no?
it's hard to compare Lebron and Jordan because they are from different eras, but the number of rings says it all.
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