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Missing JB 馃槩馃槩 BaeBum Wednesday
This video made my day. I miss seeing JB everywhere. Its just not the same going back to see his fancams! I need new ones of his beautiful face!!! But I hope he is doing well!!
Wishing I was that kermit toy so I can be with JB!! This video is too short but so beautiful!!
I miss you baby please take care of yourself and know Im here waiting for your return!!! #GetWellSoonJB #FightingJB @luna1171
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Fighting JB!
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So thoughtful of JB to sing this and post it for us. He's hurting but still is the ultimate professional. Fighting!
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I'm sorry am I the only one who noticed Kermit humping the back of the couch? 馃槀
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@lovemyJhope no i noticed it lol
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Get well soon JB!!! Fighting!!!
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