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May 20th is not only Cher's birthday (which is a pretty important day in my calendar if you want me to be completely honest with you) but it is now the same day that the Nintendo 2DS will be receiving a price drop to 80 bucks. I usually don't care for posting cards about this type of thing but it seems like the price drop is a great move since it allows you to "buy in", so to speak, to the best library of handheld games for less than 100 dollars.
Now for those of us that already have a 3DS or a New, New, NEW 3DS, then maybe this news isn't that great. I mean, we already have the thing so why would we spend the money to buy another thing, unless we're doing it for someone's birthday. And did I mention that May 20th is Busta Rhymes's birthday as well? Maybe you could get one for him?