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Alright people so I will be doing a BTS series, because I can I mean who doesn't love Kookie or BTS in general exactly!!! I hope you all enjoy ~ my lovely book worms
~dreaming state~ *Ring ring* the phone rings while you wash dishes, you try to dry your hands with paper towels half wet half dry hands you try your best to pick up your phone you answer the phone without hesitating thinking it was Kookie, "Hello?" "-------" You hang up with a confused face , suddenly the phone rings once again. you pick up the phone and once again you answer it but still dont hear a reply, your gaze up to the marbled wall you see a shadow you turn around... ~getting out of dreaming state~ you suddenly jump from the dream you we're having, "yah~ that was a weird dream" you start looking for your phone under all the fluffy blankets, you started to freak out you start to throw your pillows everywhere because you still couldn't find your phone. you get up from your bed and start looking all over the house for your phone there was no trace of it you started to think, "did Kookie, no I don't think so, he probably took it by accident?" you go back to your room and search on the bottom of your bed and on the other side of the bed there it was your precious phone with a blinking notification of Kookie. "yaaah! oppa!" you scream. you look at your phone while sitting on the floor and it's Bae! sending you a good morning picture, also reminding you how beautiful you are, you decide to send him a picture of you with messy hair and all with a caption that said " how? do you even like this? I'm ugly!" you always tease Kookie like that just too make him mad he replies back with another snap saying k: " wanna fight me for fun" you laugh, and send him a text... y: "you fell for it ㅋㅋㅋ" he replies back with, k: "yah! you're still cute jagiii" you send him a video snap of you getting your clothes together, asking him what kind of heels should you wear with the outfit.
he replies back with, k: "u think those heels gonna make u taller?" you get mad and send him a video of you screaming at him y: "yaaahh!, you didn't answer my question choice one or two aish..." he replies with a number "two" you look at your clock and you say to yourself I'm late you start running towards the bathroom to go wash up leaving your phone behind. after washing up you start getting reading you put your heels on and do your make up fast since you have a meeting at 9 am with your boss, y: "it's 8:30 will I make it? there's traffic aishh!" you grab your house keys and head out the door. you tell the taxi driver to drive fast as he could, when suddenly you phone starts to beep like crazy looking at the screen it said Kookie. you look at the snaps he sent you " I found ur note!, i love u too! <3" "wearing the shirt you bought me" you smile and say, "the shirt looks nice on him" the taxi driver says "miss, we are here" you give him the money you owe him and run towards the company while looking at your clock there is only five minutes left. you start running more faster the elevator was full, so you decided too run barefoot onto the stairs you take off your heels and run for your life .
the meeting starts right in time you open the door, they all look at you and laugh. you smile and sit down. your phone keeps ringing like crazy and you knew its your bf, you turn on your phone and see his snaps of him whining over how much he misses you and you reply to him with missing him too. he doesn't reply anymore, once and for all the meeting ends. with so much information and over whelmed with the news you had gotten that someone in your department will be fired. you started to freak out, and bacame sad you went back to your cubicle you started to do your work. Every hour or so you would check your phone no reply of him. you go out to lunch with your Co-workers while laughing and talking you receive a snap it's him but Kookie sleeping . you giggle and don't reply. once lunch ended, hours passed by fast without even noticing it was time to go home you we're happy about it you we're sick of the heels you where wearing since they we're new they made you blisters you walked up the street and called out a taxi for you to go home. your phone lighted up inside your purse, you gazing outside the taxi window thinking of oppa if he's OK, or if he's eaten already and even how much you miss him. he called you four times, without you noticing your phone was on silent. you get home and open the door, you go to your room and change your hungry so you go to the kitchen you tie up a cute ponytail and start cooking. you suddenly remember your phone is on your purse you wipe your hands with a paper towel and go for your phone. and you start to see a lot of missed calls of oppa you widen your eyes, and pucker your lips...
"he's going to be mad at him should I call him?" you try to ignore it and respond... to him via snapchat saying the following " I'm so sorry, I was so busy at work" click -send- you walk up to the kitchen and keep cooking that yummy food. when suddenly your phone rings with an unknown number.. you pick up your phone and say "hello" no one on the other side responding you say once again "hello" you hang up with a confused face you gaze up to the marbled kitchen wall and see someone behind you, you grab the knife on your left side and turn around about to stabb the life out of that stranger he holds your hands and makes his way onto your lips, he softly kisses you. you knew it was oppa, you opened your eyes and smiled it was Kookie oppa had come home after a long day ~ he hugs you and picks you up, softly sits you down on the counter with the following words coming out of his sweet soft lips, "I missed you so much jagi" while softly putting his forehead into yours he softly says to you, " don't kill me once again, put down that knife please " you giggle and hug him resting your head on his shoulder saying the following "I won't, but I will do so with me saying this, Saranghyeo" he laughs and says, "are you hungry because I am" he growls while biting his lips you giggle and nod he picks you up and says "oh really I'll make you crave it more" he drasticly turns off the stove top, and walks up to the bedroom with you in his arms. while you scream your lounges out giggling~