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Okay, I don't know if the second half of the title is completely true. But you can totally see it happening, right? I mean, here you are buying all these little Disney Infinity toys thinking that you have the best collection because you'll have a game that keeps reinventing itself but now that it's gone you maybe feel like you could sell them as a piece of video game history.
Now, I never got into these games (honestly, I almost did last week) and I'm glad that I didn't especially since they decided to just cancel them outright yesterday. I didn't want to write a card about it until everything was official and it looks like the official announcement was made on the Disney Interactive blog. I took a screenshot of a bit of it and left it for you below:
I guess it's cool that the game will still be supported until June but also such a bummer for people who have put their heart and soul into these games. Whether you were a part of the team that made them or just a family that found a way to bond through playing these games together, it sucks that they're discontinuing support for it.
Either way though, I think you should hold on to your little Disney figures and play this game and remember the good old times sitting next to Uncle Dan and playing this game until your eyeballs fell out of your head. That's a good memory, even though you don't have eyeballs anymore and just robotic cameras you mish-mosh of organic and synthetic parts. Just choose a side, dude.