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Talk about super awkward.

First and foremost, I think an ex should remain an ex because they are just that for a reason. I've never been a fan of rekindling anything that didn't serve me in a positive way. While being cordial with an ex is fine and dandy, anything more is questionable in my opinion.
It ended for a reason, so why try and rekindle a fire that's already been put out? While that just happens to be my way of thinking, I'm sure there are many who think there is absolutely nothing wrong with kickin' it with an ex every now and then.
By all means, if that happens to be you -- just don't come back crying when your feelings get involved a second time around. Usually when you try and rekindle an old relationship with an ex, you either realize they aren't the same person you once fell in love with, you're wasting your time or you're wasting your time.
Anyway, our expectations are usually way off from the reality of a situation and the video depicted below by Buzzfeed explains it all. Friends and ex's don't mesh, but it's up to you to realize that on your own. In the meantime, keep scrolling and check out the rather accurate video below.

Have you ever tried to be friends with an ex?

Did it work? Are you still friends today with no strings attached?
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I'm with you on that one @petname83
Well that's definitely a plus! Not many can say that @arnelli
Awkward barrier for sure. That's the best way to explain it @sophiamor
That's definitely a plus and rare! It's nice to know that it's definitely possible though @caricakes