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Hey everyone! Jiji here! As you know I do my group of the week cards every week, and if you don't know what that is, let me explain! Group Of The Week is something I do weekly, I choose one group big or small no matter how well known they are and I highlight them for the whole week! I give you all the info on the group I can possibly find, I make cards for each member with facts about them, and then I usually make cards with every music video they have ever made, dance practices, and other versions of the MVs. Now, lets get to the reason for this card
As most of you know I have a specific taglist for the GOTW cards, and the last few weeks I have had a lot of people want tagged, and it is extremely difficult to remember who all wants tagged. So this card is one that you can comment on if you want to be tagged, I will put a link to this card in the taglist so you can come straight here if you become interested in being tagged. It will be all around easier on me and cut down on how long it takes to get this done if I see everyone here. So PLEASE, if you want tagged in ALL GOTW cards, COMMENT ON THIS CARD. If you are already tagged in the cards PLEASE do not comment. You will be tagged every week, I promise! Also if you think someone else would like these cards, tag them! Don't be afraid to tag friends if its a group they like. Thank you guys for giving these cards so much love, I really enjoy putting the time in knowing you all love them!
tag me plz :)
I would like to be tagged please!! Thank you!
I would like to be tagged
can I be tag please
Tag me!
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