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Even though the cause of Prince's death remains unclear, Kiss' frontman said it was "pathetic that [Prince] killed himself." Simmons apologized for the remarks after a strong reaction from family, friends and the Internet.
This isn't something that will go away quickly, as he will be answering questions about this for a long time, especially if the autopsy proves he didn't die from killing himself.

Should Gene Simmons apologize for his comments?

Seeing as Prince died from chronic pain, which frequently goes undiagnosed and under-treated, I think an apology doesn't come close to what he should be doing to make up for his insensitive bullshit.
@JimTurpen lol you are good! Hahaha
@TessStevens So what I'm hearing is... Trump Running mate?
@JimTurpen yeah he's kind of the King of unnecessary comments hahahah
This is such a touchy subject. I think nobody should comment like this until they have all the information.
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