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Genre: Angst
Pairing: There ain’t no pairing just yet (but it’s with all the Maknae line)
Warning: (M)
Length: 1844 words
Summary: "No strings attached”- that’s the rule I followed. Until it came to bite me in the ass.
Part: 1/?
A/n: this is that fuckgirl au that had multiple requests...let me know what you think!....or if it’s utter crap, maybe keep that to yourself lmao. Also remind me to NEVER EVER take requests again. XD
My phone buzzed again in my pocket and I sighed, placing my half-eaten sandwhich down. Couldn’t a girl eat in peace? I had already ignore it twice, but I knew who was ringing and I knew he wouldn’t give up.
I answered. “Jimin, what do you want? It’s the middle of the day and I’m fucking hungry”, I didn’t mean to snap, but today hadn’t been particularly good. I had a morning shift at work which just consisted of me getting shouted at by my boss for being sarcastic with customers. The douche almost fired my ass.
“Y/n, I need you”, he whined. I snorted and muttered quietly, so no one would hear me in the little- but bustling- cafe. “You horny son of a bitch.” He laughed lightly, making me smile.
I wanted to say the sound ‘made my heart flutter’ but firstly- ew. And secondly, that would imply I had feelings. Or that I cared for him. Which really wasn’t the case.
Don’t get me wrong, he was perfect. He was cute, caring, great in bed. Ticked all the damn boxes. But that’s not how I rolled, and I made that clear to all of them.
And no, before you ask, I wasn’t a freaking prostitute. I didn’t get paid to do this shit. I did it because I wanted to do it. I had also received a text from Jungkook earlier today saying he ‘needed’ me in the evening. Him and his girlfriend had had yet another fight, and he wanted to blow off some steam- that was code for ‘fuck me until I forget that bitch exists’.
Out of all the guys I did this for (which wasn’t even that many. Only three), Jungkook was the only one with a partner. Jimin had been single for quite some time now. And Taehyung, the third boy, had recently broken up with some bitch, who’s name escapes me.
All three would turn to me when they were stressed, angry, sad. All the negative emotions. And call me sadistic, but that’s what made my experience all the better- especially if they were angry.
Taehyung- because of the breakup- was currently Mr Sad. Jimin, because of his job, and apparent pressure from his parents to find a girl to settle down- was Mr Stressed. And finally Jungkook, who was in the most unstable relationship I had ever witnessed- was Mr Angry.
So you can guess who I was having the most fun with right now. I should feel guilt at the fact that he was taken, but... I don’t. I can’t be dealing with that moral bullshit, and I know for a fact this bitch is out clubbing every other day and the chance that she has cheated on Jungkook is basically 100%. So he gets payback. I’m not gonna sugar-coat it and say ‘ooh, I know it’s bad but...’.
NO. It is bad. No buts. I just don’t care. And we both know that if she ever caught us, there would be his excuse to end the relationship- though I really didn’t know why he wouldn’t just dump her sorry ass. But that was his business, not mine.
Anyway, back to the situation in hand. “I’ll be there in ten”, I spoke. “And if you ring again while I’m eating I swear to god I won’t turn up at all.” With that I ended the call, finally able to eat in peace.
You’re probably wondering, “Y/n, you’re such a hoe. Why are you like this? Why are you so messes up?” Well, I don’t have the energy to sit you down and give you an ‘emotionally traumatizing relationships 101′, but I have come to the conclusion that all boys are pricks.
All of them. Every single one. What do they want from a relationship? Hugs? No. Deep talks about love? Fuck that. No. They want sex. That’s it. That’s all their after. So isn’t life just easier when you don’t have heartbreak to deal with? You’re both getting what you want, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. That was my motto.
After finishing and paying, I started to walk to Jimin’s house. It was like 5 minutes away, not worth me driving. Plus, there was never any parking down that street anyway.
He answered the door, smiling his signature smiling, and moved to let me in. He was wearing baggy pants and nothing on top. I always admired his body- that shit looked hand carved. His hair was ruffled- looks like he had a particularly bad day. Explained why his call was out of the blue.
The guys normally let me know beforehand- like a few hours in advance, so I didn’t plan anything. But luckily for Jimin, I had been free when he called.
“You wanna talk about it?” I asking, eyeing him up and down like he was a reincarnation of my damn sandwich.
He sighed, before smirking. I knew that look well. “I didn’t call you to play my therapist babe”, his voice dropping several octaves. I smirked in response, slowly taking my jacket off.
“Good. Not like I would’ve fucking listened anyway.” He laughed and lunged for me, his arm fervently gripping my waist so I wouldn’t topple over. His lips immediately crashed onto mine, and I responded with the same amount of eagerness.
I ran my fingers through his already tousled hair, tugging at it, making him gasp. I stopped the kiss briefly to get rid of my shirt, then we were back at it. He wanted more, I could feel it.
I wedged my thigh between his legs firmly, and I could feel his bulge. I smirked as he moaned into my mouth at the sensation. He pulled back to breathe, and I looked at him innocently as he eyed me up and down.
“What’s wrong babe? Had enough?” I pretended to reach for my shirt, sighing as I did so. “OK....I’ll guess I’ll go...”
He grabbed my wrist and growled into my ear. “You aren’t going anywhere baby . Not until I’m done.” His eyes, dear god. They had dilated so much they were basically black.
He started assaulting my neck with his mouth, whilst pulling down my jeans and underwear in one swift movement. Despite my cocky attitude I gasped as his hand wondered to my core.
“So fucking wet. What got my little slut so wet, huh?” His cocky ass needed to simmer down a notch.
“Well, I was thinking about what me and Taehyung did the other da-”
He growled and entered two digits into me, making me moan. “ I don’t want to hear any name other than mine out of that pretty little mouth, got it?” I smiled and bit my already swollen lip. “Yes sir.”
He carried on with his fingers and I scratched the skin of his chest in pure ecstasy. He hissed at the sensation, but that didn’t stop him. I rid him of his baggy pants and boxers, the heat in my stomach getting too much to bare.
Jimin knew when I was close, and he stilled his movements before pulling out entirely. “Goddamnit, you little shit”, I breathed. He snickered. “You’re gonna cum when I want you to cum baby.”
I scowled at him. I was doing him a fucking favour (literally a fucking favour) and he was going to treat me like this? Motherfucker.
He pushed me back onto his sofa, before falling on top, his face inches away from mine. He already looked fucked out, and he hadn’t done anything yet. I smirked at the effect I had on him.
“I wanna hear you scream my name”, he rasped, taking my bra off single-handedly. He had got very good at that, thanks to me.
“You want me to scream your name? Well Park Jimin, why don’t you make me?” There was a pause as we stared at each other, chests heaving. And then I whispered the magic words."Fuck me.”
He loud out an almost feral growl before he thrust into me at an inhumane pace. “Shit!” I gasped. Maybe I was wrong, and Mr Stressed was going to do better than Mr Angry.
“Fuck Jimin! Yes!”I arched my back, revelling in the bitter-sweet feeling, egging him on. My eyes rolled back like I was part of a god damn exorcism and the coil in my stomach tightened.
“Jimin I’m gonna...” I gasp as he shifter slightly, now thrusting at a different angle,which felt even better.
“So beautiful”, he chanted. “Do it. Cum for me. Come on.” His words were enough to send me over the edge as I screamed his name, just like he had wanted me to.
He knew he didn’t have to pull out, because I would be a pretty stupid bitch if I wasn’t on the pill seeing as this is the kind of thing I did. So he kept going, riding me through me high, before his movements became sloppy. He whined my name during his release, before pulling out and collapsing next to me.
“Shit”, he gasped. “That was amazing.”
I laughed. “You’re welcome.” He got up, rather slowly, and came back with a towel. I took it and cleaned myself up- I didn’t need anyone else to do that for me. We weren’t a couple. Plus I had hands.
“When do I get to see you again?”
I smiled, getting up to look for my discarded clothes. “I’ll text you. And don’t call me last minute, I need to know a fair time before. You know how this works.”
He nodded sheepishly. “Sorry...” I just grinned at him to show him I wasn’t mad.
Fully clothed, I started making my way to the door. I never stayed after, unless I was so tired that I just fell asleep. But even then, I’d be sure to get up early and leave before the boy I was with woke up.
Just before I left though, Jimin grabbed my arm and whirled me around, pulling me into a tight hug. “Thank you.” I gave a small laugh against his chest, which still had the scratch marks on it. “Anytime.” And with that I was gone.
The rest of the day was boring as fuck, so I was actually looking forward to meeting Jungkook. I had showered and changed- not because I wanted to impress him, but because I needed to make sure to get rid of any traces of Jimin that may have still been lingering on me.
If Jungkook was pissed, which I could guarantee he was, then him knowing that I had already been pleasured today would not help his mood. It’s just the way he was.
I knocked on his door, and he took his damn time answering. I almost rang him when the door swung open. There he was. Jeon Jungkook. And boy, I had never seen him angrier. This was gonna be fun.
As he pulled me in, immediately attacking my lips without even a simple hello, all I could think was
Oh boy. Here we go again.
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I actually really like this. I've never read one like it so I'd like to see where it goes.
That Booty call rotation is like DAMN!! Jimin, Kookie and Tae Holy shit!! Wow, like wow! Hard to wrap my head around it! lol I'm liking this...I wonder if anyone's gonna catch feelings?! One of the boys maybe? hehe! Can't wait to see where this goes!😉
Everytime I see that you have something new it immediately makes my day. You are so amazing. Please tag me on everything you write? Please!? XD
nope keep going like yes plz!
I love your fanfic, plus your very good at writing! The story felt real! Which I like alot cause there are so many fanfics who's writers don't know the first thing about good grammer
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