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Hey everyone its me again! This is yet another card about GOTW things and this one I really need feedback on okay? Currently I have been doing Group info - All info about the group being highlighted that week, fandom name, group name in hangul, debut info, all comebacks, everything + photos Individual member cards - Info and facts about each member of that group, like real names, heights, birthdays, positions, stuff like that + photos MVs, Dance Practices, Other Versions of Mvs - Every music video the group has made, along with other versions of the music videos, dance practices, all that.
BUT I recently stopped doing Interviews - Usually eng subbed videos of interviews of that group Funny + Cute videos - Usually eng subbed compilation videos of funny and cute moments of that group Photos + Gifs - Extra photos and gifs of that group I have been thinking of doing a few things as well like Fan Fiction - I will find fan fic for that group, or perhaps see if someone can write cute scenarios or short, cute stories for me and post it! (of course credit will be given and I will ask permission to use it if they aren't writing it for me) Fan Art Highlights - With permission from the artists I will highlight fan art of that group.
So, what I need from you wonderful people who take time to read the info, watch the videos, and really enjoy it, is for you to comment and tell me if you would like me to add more! Do you miss the things I stopped doing? Tell me! I may pick it up again! Is there something I've never done that you would like to see? Let me know! I desperately need your feedback to make GOTW so much more fun! So PLEASE comment with your feedback :) Thank you everyone! https://m.vingle.net/posts/1578724-GROUP-OF-THE-WEEK-TAGLIST-CARD VIXX squad: @kelseyblair @MandyNoona @AimeeH @Helixx @StefaniTre Group of the week taglist: @Kieuseru @ESwee @EliseB @KAddict @Starbell808 @pharmgirlerin @lilbr0wneyes @resavalencia @CrystalGuerra @SerenityThao @jessicaacosta90 @Isolate @Bwolfgirl @twistedPuppy @sherrysahar @ibMIMI @Maddie27 @CreeTheOtaku @mrsjeon @merryjane13 @milcalopez963 @IsoldaPazo @AaliyahNewbell @milcalopez963 @JiminsJams4 (Comment on the link if you want added or removed from this taglist)
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I miss the things you stopped doing. I miss the interviews and cute/funny videos. They both help us learn a group better. It's also the best way to show off individual personalities. I would love some fan fiction... would you do a group one or one for each member? Also, would there be a certain category or would it be open? One thing I would like to ask you to include on the member cards is the member names in Hangul. That will help folks who aren't versed in Korean be able to pick out the members in videos where they have name tags (especially dance practices or variety shows that have poor quality) and/or help them when searching for more info on the groups. Otherwise, keep up the good work. I love GOTW!!!!