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I'll admit, I can go a little overboard when it comes to Instagram. I take my selfies pretty serious and sometimes I'll even stalk the cutie I have my eye on just to see the last time he posted. No shame in my game. After watching the video below, I've come to the conclusion that maybe I am a bit obsessed with social media -- Instagram to be exact.
The video depicted 14 things that users are guilty of doing and I expected my number to be rather high. I am guilty of 9 of the 14 things mentioned. Am I ashamed? Of course not. Can I work on a few things? Absolutely. Now it's your turn. Check out the quick video below to see what you're guilty of when it comes to using good old Instagram.

Are you guilty?

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@jordanhamilton thanks most peeps just say im weird
@jordanhamilton i just aint that into social meadia but i got really good friends
You're one in a million! Lol @arnelli
unable to eat without taking photo. YES.
Instagram stalking is my life.
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