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I'm doing a new segment here in the Movie Manor which involves many popular characters in movies that show who they are and how the audience can relate to them. Since Civil War came out in theaters and is still on the hype, two heroes come to mind who end up fighting each other (Isn't it funny how heroes are the ones who are the most dramatic than villains?), and they are Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. I want to not only give insight on these particular characters, but also want to know which one represents you the most and whom you like better. So, grab your masks and let's get to it.
Steve Rogers aka Captain America
Originally a political figure, Captain America is a sentinel of liberty during the height of World War II and the imagery only shows how durable he can be. He has always devoted himself to protect the weak and innocent in defense for freedom and justice. However, ever since he was presumed dead and was taken in by Shield, his thoughts of idealism seemed to have shattered after the 1940s, and his harden abilities and psyche as a superhero became high and quite often strict. His enhanced strength and endurance make him a machine, but his reasoning as a young leader is something most would regard as reckless for the sake of bravery.
Tony Stark aka Iron Man
Tony is a complicated man with a whole lot of pride and genius to him. With an education expanded in engineering, physics, and business, he takes the responsibility of maintaining his social status as a playboy and icon without relying on others for help. He has a cynical view of the world around and morally justifies what he needs to do in order to gain some goal, which includes breaking the rules sometimes. Tony is a future man trapped in the present and his ethics are highly adaptable to keep the world a safer place.
So Marvelers and movie goers, which one represents you the most?