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Kim Jihyun aka G.Soul, a American Korean singer under JYP released two songs today. They are "Far, far away" and "Where Do We Go From Here". Some other songs are "Smooth Operator" and "You". Videos behind the pictures.

"Far, far away"

has a reggae feel. This song is sad just because the lyrics. It is about breaking up and feeling lonely without his girl. The m/v is the compete opposite. It shows him playing on the beach with his dog. This song is just in time for summer.

"Where Do We Go From Here"

is a very sad and cold song. The whole video is in black and white. This adds to the melancholy feel. The lyrics are about a change in a relationship that causes them to doubt. This song is beautiful
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Gsoul is great. I also love his song covers. you should check them out.