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If you guys have Twitter and don't follow @ForFansFromFans yet, go follow them! They are an awesome group that takes donations of Kpop related items and then gives them away to other Kpop fans! They are constantly holding some kind of giveaway and half the fun is answering the questions for the giveaways!!
They just finished the BTS Now3 giveaway which I sponsored ^^ The question to answer for this was what other artist would you want to see BTS collab with? I read a lot of the responses and a lot of them I was like yeeeah thatd be awesome! It was fun~ I believe they will pick the winner soon for that!
( ah~That B-Bomb poster though!!!) Today they started their next giveaway which is Block B! And I am also sponsoring this one! ^^ My answer to which member I think is most talented is...of course....B-Bomb <3 I'm a little bias lol but I love love love his vocals and his dancing is so good! But if you guys want to enter this giveaway go on Twitter and enter, you really could win!! ^^ Deadline is may 21 for this giveaway! Follow me too if you want to! <3
Oh I must enter! Thank you for letting me know 😁
I already follow them but thank you for tagging me ^-^