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Lyric Appreciation: DEAN__D (HALF MOON)

Nothing’s really different It’s the same air It’s the same bed Looking at the same ceiling

Why do I feel so empty?

For no reason at all It’s been a few hours Since I’ve been spacing out

Nothing comes even close

To half of you

It can’t fill me It doesn’t fill me up, yeah Just half

If only I had just half of you

Then I wouldn’t feel like this

On a night without you

Even when the moon is up

I can’t see it

It’s hidden by thoughts of you, yeah

Just like you can’t make a fair call If your heart is slanted

Just because you’re not here

There’s no way I should be like this

But I keep going back to those times In the place where you used to be I can see the night sky That half-full moon Looks just like me right now

If tomorrow’s darkness

Takes one bite of the moon....

Then our world that we made

Would become smaller too...

Only longing will fill it up After I spend a boring day When the full moon rises to the sky When we used to go around Saying that we were one

I didn’t know it’d be so clear

That you are you and I am me

Time to think is up, Is what it feels like

If more time passes, I can’t ask you to come back...

Just like Don Quixote I’m crazily dreaming of your love

If only I can see your eyes

I would be able to fill up my empty heart

Love the stars...

Love the moon...

Nothing comes even close To half of you If only I had just half of you If only

I just love DΞΔN.

The sweet longing described in this song is just.....*sigh*.


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I swear I just love Dean he's such an amazing artist! I just can't stop listening to his album 130 mood: trbl. I've slowly been dragging my friends and family into listening to him and even though they don't like not being able to understand him they've all had such positive opinions about his music style and voice.
I love how smooth his voice is. And the story behind the album. He is a true artist.
💗 ...me too (sigh)
@Cydney wow that's good
he looks even more sexier there with that microphone and what he is wearing is cute the atmosphere in that video is amazing
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