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battle of the monsters

now which one of these guys is the coolest or which one would you be if you had to be one

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go alucard !!!
a year ago·Reply
I suppose I would be a vampire then?
a year ago·Reply
I would go with Vampire, I practically live in the dark
a year ago·Reply
Vampire. Arucard is a fucking baller. Long live the No Life King. To people saying Titan because they have size, power and only 1 way to die... they also lose any and all sense of reason and humanity, unless you're a Titan Shifter. And Arucard can kill a Titan easily, once he loses a couple souls to find the weakness, he can summon that Baskerville dog bastard thing, and have it tear the nape of the neck, or any other possibilities.
a year ago·Reply
Ghouls also stand no chance against Arucard.
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