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Sup everyone, I am Sooooooo tired I haven't been able to sleep for the past 3-4 days, just got off work & I think I have food poisoning. ....anywhooo~ How are you doing? What did you think of my first chapter of my first fanfic "A Darker Truth"? As I re-read it, revise, whateva, I literally cringed.
I don't even know why, but I know chapter 2 is going to make me cringe even more. So Update/news> I am in the process of writing ch. 2 and it should be posted sometime tomorrow or Thursday. It will also be longer and hopefully more exciting lol. Also thank you to those who have read it, like it, commented on it, and or clipped it! Even view it....XD it makes me want to continue writing more and more!!! ......hmmmm....
let's see...what else...uh.. I think I'm forgetting to mention something...buuuut...I can't remember, oh well. OH! Any questions just ask, k? Cool, good. P.S. Airam makes that face often ⤴☝ PEACE! until next time! ~Luz Out ✌
GOTTA feed you a tiny bit of some Darker truth. lol hehehe what to expect..... Jimin, is he... or ....isn't he? Is he telling the truth? If so, then this may turn out bad for me.... He mustn't know. who is this Death Angel & who is the one who is after me? Well my nightmares come true? Am I a monster? > (Jimin/Airam)