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I hope you like it ;-; im sorry if it sucks *le cries* it's been awhile since I've written @DeyaniraEstrada HAPPY BIRTHDAY
" yah yoongi!" You yelled at your boyfriend to wake up but he just ignored you "aish fine stay sleeping I'm going to go pick up some things" you mumbled and left the apartment you and he shared.  Once he heard a click he jumped up from the bed and grabbed his phone calling Hoseok. H: "hey is she gone?" Y: "yup just left we have maybe an hour did Jimin get the cake!?" H: "yup everything is a go" Y: "great see you in a few" With that he hung up 10 minutes later jin and jungkook got there first with decorations since yoongi couldn't hide them in the apartment. While the guys were half way done with decorations yoongis phone when off Y:"hello?" H: "ermmm we have a problem..." Y: " what happen!?" H: " jimin...kinda dropped the cake..." Y: " WHAT DO YOU MEAN DROPPED THE CAKE!? HOW!? H: "I was chasing V for my phone and bumped into jimin...and plop went the cake" Y: "I'm going to bite my tongue for now just go get another cake!" H: "on it, we're gonna need some time...because the cake shop near us is closed now and the other one is about an hr away...." Y: " fine hurry up" ------------------------------ " hmmm.." you stared at the meat thinking which you should buy for dinner " this one looks good" you picked it up and put it in the cart and kept walking around "Maybe...he forgot what today is..." you sighed but then your phone buzzed "yoongi" you read the name out loud and you opened the text, you rolled your eyes "milk don't forget" it read "aish yoongi " Before you could reply with okay another text came " oh and you wanna go out to the park? It's a nice day :)" you smiled and replied "Sounds like a plan" you smiled *even if he forgot it's okay not like I celebrate it anyway* you sighed and put your phone away and continued shopping ----------------------- " I see the car!!!" Jungkook yelled and yoongi ran over " yah! Be quiet your to loud she could of heard you!!" He scolded the maknae "yah hyung I bet she didn't she has her earbuds in" the younger rolled his eyes and sat back on the couch "yah go outside bef-" Before jin could finish yoongi heard you unlocking the door and ran to it as you were walking in blocking your view "HEY JAGI!!" He smiled "hey " you gave him a peck on the lips and was about to go around him to put the groceries away but he stopped you and took them out of your hands " yah here let me take those why don't you just wait for me outside nae?" You looked up at him with an eyebrow raised "what? I can't help my beautiful girlfriend out" he tried to sound calm but you could tell something was wrong but nodded " arraso~ I'll wait for you outside" and with that you left. "Yah hyung! Is she gone" jungkook whispered and yoongi nodded letting go the breath he was holding "good we'll take it from here" jin said while taking the groceries from his hands "now go" yoongi nodded "thanks" he said before leaving the apartment. You waited by the car and sighed "not one happy birthday...not even from the rest of the boys" you looked through your messages "Maybe they all just forgot..." "JAGI!" You looked up to see yoongi running over to you and you smiled "took you long enough " you playfully punched his arm "ow such an abuser" he laughed "yah I am not" you stuck your tongue out "yeah yeah~" he kissed your cheek and grabbed your hand "kaja" he smiled "driving or walking?" You asked "walking" you nodded and started for the park "so how was grocery shopping?" You turned to him and shrugged "meh same old same old look for food , watch a old man argue about these over priced milk" he chuckled "I see~ hey I'll race you there" "you're on" you smirked "looser buys the winner ice cream " you added "call" he said "ready on the count of 3 " you nodded "1...2...3!" You sprinted leaving yoongi behind "Y-YAH WHEN DID YOU BECOME A TRACK RUNNER " you laughed "MOLLA!!" He sped up trying to catch up. with the park in view now you picked up your pace but tripped "jagi!" He stopped next to you "aish your leg is bleeding bad" he picked you up bridal style "y-yah I can walk" your ears turning red "ani I'll carry you" he sat you down on a bench "I'll be right back don't move" you nodded and he ran off coming back minutes later with a first aid kit and ice cream "yah why did you buy the ice cream no one won.." he didn't look up as he started treating your knee "because I want to now shush and eat the ice cream " you pouted but took one out of the bag and opened it eating it "gomawo" you said as he finished and sat next to you "nae" he smiled " don't move" you looked at him confused and he leaned in *even after 3 years of dating I still get butterflies when he's this close* you thought as your cheeks turned dark pink and he wiped a bit of ice cream off your cheek "yah why are you so pink" he put his forehead against yours "yah your warm! Are you sick!?" You stared at him for a moment before laughing "nae I'm sick! I have yoongi disease " he started laughing "bwo? Yoongi disease!?" You nodded "nae the only medicine to help is a kiss~" he pinched your cheeks "aish why are you so cute " he cupped your cheeks and leaned in  and kissed you making you smiled between the kiss "now kaja let's go play " you said pulling away and running to the playground "yah don't run!" He chased after you trying to catch you "nope " you said as you got away before he grabbed you running away and you hid "YAH" he spent a good 45 minutes trying to find you " JAGI!!" He called starting to panick slowly ,you had enough of hiding and ran out of your hiding spot jumping on his back "nae~" you laughed "aish don't hide from me I started to get worried " you jumped off his back "minhae" he turned and hugged you tightly "just don't do that you know how freaking long you were hiding!? Almost an hr what if something happened huh!?" His toned filled with worry "m-minhae I didn't mean..." "ani it's okay just don't do it again or no more music " he looked at you "YAH BWO!?" You yelled surprised "UNFAIR NOT MY FAULT YOU SUCK AT FINDING ME I WAS UNDER THE SLIDE THE WHOLE TIME!" He busted out laughing "YAH calm down I'm kidding I know the last time I did that you ignored me for a week" he kissed your cheek and his phone went off, he reached into his pocket and checked "who is it?" You asked " oh erm it's namjoon telling me to meet him tomorrow to talk about a new song" he smiled you nodded "kaja let's go home" he said grabbing your hand "already!? But we just got here!" You whined "we'll come back tomorrow I'm tired now " he said "you're always tired!" You pouted "yah kaja I promise tomorrow and we'll stay longer and I'll also buy you whatever you want " you nodded "you promised! Remember that" "nae nae" he laughed " you're so cute" you smiled " I know " you said kissing his cheek ---------------------------- Yoongi unlocked the door and gestured for you to go first you didn't think much of it and walked in "why is it s-" "SURPRISED!!!!" You screamed and fell backwards with yoongi catching you " HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" You looked at all the boys "y-yah " you tried to form words but nothing came out but tears seeing the apartment decorated " Happy birthday jagi" you felt his arms wrap around your waist and you turned crying into his chest "i-i thought you forgot..." he made you look at him "yah why would I forget? I know you never celebrate your birthday but I wanted to change that this year plus I had to keep it quiet or you'd make me stop like you did the first time I tried..." you smiled tears still flowing and he wiped your tears "gomawo.." you said quietly and he smiled "I love you" and he kissed you softly " YAH COME ON ARE WE GOING TO PARTY OR ARE YOU GUYS GONNA KISS ALL DAY " you heard Jimin say and you started laughing "yah shut it!" Yoongi glared and you grabbed his hand Turning to the rest of bts "HECK YEAH LET THE PARTY START!!!"
@DeyaniraEstrada *whispers back* "like the feeling when it's going to get stuck in your throat" -Jin (not exact words but kinda) *sobs with u* @DeyaniraEstrada
*takes out ice cream, strawberries and chocolate* *stuffs face* *gets brain freeze* *whispers* pain is love *sobs*
@DeyaniraEstrada it's okay ;-; *stuffs my face with a strawberry shortcake *
I'm sorry 😭
@DeyaniraEstrada bro *drools 2* ugh I really want some now why u gotta do this! ?
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