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Horror Manga Recommendation: Mushi to Medama to Teddy Bear
A teacher sees his girlfriend's eye being gouged out by an unknown girl with a spoon, but to his confusion, sees his girlfriend miraculously recover in the blink of an eye. The mysterious girl transfers to his school, and this is about the chaos that ensues as he begins to unravel the mysteries behind the girl and his own girlfriend.
The manga is seriously demented and mysterious, and doesn't go too over the top with the levels of gore and violence. Definitely a psychological/supernatural feel to this manga and I highly recommend it!
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@InVinsybll What's the name of that manga??
2 years ago·Reply
@TaylorPriddy Mushi to Medama
2 years ago·Reply
@LCordz Thanks
2 years ago·Reply
@TaylorPriddy it's in the title of this card
2 years ago·Reply
I saw papu virus that anime was um..... unique to say the least I don't know what happened I was too confused
a year ago·Reply