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Where Are They Now? : g.o.d

Annyeong!! It's Sky!! Today I shall bring to you the latest info on the whereabouts of the members of none other than G.O.D!!
Group name: G.O.D (지오디)
Name meaning: Groove Over Dose
They debuted under JYP entertainment in 1999. The group was very successful, being
one of the few groups to have an album become a "million seller" in K-pop. Everyone has move on and have their own separate careers. They did recently reunite to have 'G.O.D. 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert’ on July 12, 2014 at Jamsil Sports Complex.

Park Joon-Hyung

On June 26th 2015, Park Joon Hyung married his wife, who he had been dating for 13 years. He is still currently signed with SidusHQ.
2008 Speed Racer as Yakuza Driver
2009 Dragonball Evolution as Yamcha
2011 Hero: 108 as Mr. No Hands
2015 Bean in the Backyard as Mr. Ben
2014 Fated To Love You Cameo as (Himself)
Infinity Challenge Guest as (Himself)
Roommate Season 2 as Himself
Love Cells Doraejoon as (One man salesman)
2015 Animals as Himself
Running Man Guest (ep. 248, 260-261, 272)

Yoon Kye-Sang

After leaving the group in 2004 Yoon Kye-sang went into acting before going on military duty from December 7th of 2004 to December 6th, 2006. When he was discharged he soon returned to the screens in the television drama Crazy in Love (also known as Crazy for You).
2013 One Perfect Day (short film) as Un-cheol
2014 Red Carpet as Park Jung-woo
2015 Minority Opinion as Yoon Jin-won
Love Guide for Dumpees as Yoo Jung-hoon
2016 The Bacchus Lady
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 as Brain surgeon Kye-sang (cameo, episodes 9-10)
2014 The Full Sun as Jung Se-ro/Lee Eun-soo
2015 Last as Jang Tae-ho
2016 The Good Wife as Seo Joong-won

Variety show

He stared in these in the last 3 years:
2013 Stars Into Travel: Yoon Kye-sang's Tasteful Journey to Gyeongbuk
2015 Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village - Season 2
He was even in a music video in 2007 "My Heart Cannot Go On Like This Any Longer" by MC the Max

He has won 3 awards between 2004 and 2011.

-Baekang Arts Award (Best Actor) for Flying Boys (2004)
-Andre Kim Best Stars Award (Male Category) (2007)
-MBC Entertainment Award (2011)
-Excellance Actor in a Sitcom/Comedy

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This has been Sky!!
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@cindystran ooo thats cool! Thank you I didn't see when I was looking. 😊 (🐳 Sky)
Great card! Actually, they held another mini concert last year (2015) in Korea. I wanted to go but the tickets were sold out. Despite having their individual career they still get together to make new songs. I posted a card 4 months ago on their new mv. It's a tearjerker -->
@SimplyAwkward i said the same thing when i was doing the card. i was like omg it is him!! like i had to watch a clip of it too. (Sky)
@kpopINT I need to watch speed racer again
Joon played a Yakuza driver and Rain was also in it too @SimplyAwkward
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