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I bet you any money you don't know how I feel I go to sleep thinking of you wake up knowing what happened is still very very real you have me constantly in my emotions you have my heart beating hard so much commotion I miss you every day that you're not here I want you back in my arms I want you near And every time I read all of our old conversations I get the worse feeling in my stomach the very worse of sensations how did we go from being perfect to being done how did we go from 2 together to being one separate. how come you didn't call me today you told me that no matter what friends we would stay how come it feels like you don't care anymore yet our pictures are still up on every social sites that yours. why does it feel like you still think of me But then it feels like your trying to forget me.. you said we were still best friends And though that's hard for me.. it's the only thing I have now I love you still as the days go on forward without you I m still waiting til you come back home to me because we both know you want too.
This is powerful because I've felt these EXACT same emotions. You captured the feeling perfectly.
thank you so much !