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5 Easy Weekday Hairstyles
We've made it over the that is. Two more days left in the week and the weekend will officially greet us with open arms. If you've run out of both time and hairstyles to rock for the remainder of the week, YouTuber Wengie has you covered. Keep scrolling to check out five easy hair tutorials seen below.

Which is your favorite?

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I know it's color corrected, but I was so drawn to the different colors! Cute styles for sure though
a year ago·Reply
Yeah, honestly the color is what drew me in as well @TessStevens
a year ago·Reply
l couldn't pick a fave.
a year ago·Reply
@TessStevens I'm with you. The colors caught my attention but the hairstyles are definitely cute and simple!
a year ago·Reply
Makes two of us @petname83
a year ago·Reply