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In case you missed it, Facebook owned, Instagram, unveiled its revamped logo (shown below). For fun, professional makeup artist, Andrea Reed, created the before and after logos on her feed earlier today.
What the logo looks like now...until another incarnation pops up (for not good reason).
What the logo looked like before.
If you search for articles on the matter--it's all hate. LOL 99% of the columns are blasting Facebook for the unnecessary change and think it more accurately indicates that there's a bigger problem with Facebook, concerning the app.
Do you like the new logo? Do you even care?
What's happening with the world!!!? (/.-) ._. .-.
why am I not surprised? people always wanna change something once they own it. smh 😒✋
@marshalledgar I told you she was EVERYTHING! I love watching her while I do my makeup it makes me do it better!! I have to get the skin enhancer that she's always talking about
I knew this would happen! People are so crazy about change!
I don't do drag @TessStevens (and don't plan on it), but I could watch her for hours. Well, I did. HAHAHA
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