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Genre: Fanfiction Bts Romance Fluff Kpop Word count: 2,230
         They all pulled down their hoods and took off their masks, only to bestow the rest of BTS. My eyes lit up. What are they doing here? Finding myself to be rude, I opened the door wide and motioned for them to come in. I grabbed all of my extra slippers, letting the boys wear them. “Are you guys hungry? We have food.” Nodding their heads eagerly, I led them to the dining room where Jimin, Jungkook, and Anong were sitting. There was still lots of food left.           “Hello Anong! Hey boys!” They all took seats around the table and I sat in my original. We all greeted each other before Namjoon asked us a question. “Where do you guys work?” The rest of the boys started agreeing to what he asked, saying things like ‘That's a good question’ or ‘Why didn't I ask that earlier?’           “Well, boys. Back in America I was a vocal teacher and I also worked as a receptionist. When I wasn't busy I was also a translator and tutored in foreign language.” Anong said while continuing to eat all the food she could before everyone else-me- could. All the boys nodded, as their faces lit up.           Namjoon got a challenged look on his face. “What languages can you speak?” Oh, he's challenging her. The boys opened their eyes, knowing Namjoon’s intentions. Just wait for it Hatai. Don't say a single thing.          Anong got a devious smirk, her eyes lighting up with joy. She licked her lips. “I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, English, Thai, Japanese, French, and Greek.” Namjoom’s face faltered for a split second before smiling, his dimples showing. “Hatai, tell them what you know.”         I nodded my head, complying to her request. But before I began to speak Taehyung coughed, blood rushing up to his face when he all looked at him. He waved us off, motioning for me to continue. “Well, I can speak Lao, Russian, English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and French. But that's it.” They all nodded before challenging Anong and I to speak French to each other. We rolled our eyes before telling each other that we should pretend that we're talking about them when we will really be talking about how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We finished and started laughing at their confused faces.         Suddenly everyone around the room started shouting. “You can sing!? Do it!” The boys started chanting while clapping. “Do it! Do it! Do it!” I shushed them before whispering to Anong of what she should sing.          “She can also rap!” I nudged her arm a little, with pride in my voice. Don't let me down woman. I begged with my thoughts, although she couldn't hear me she better do it anyway.          A whole bunch of Oohh's filled the air and everyone began chanting “Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!” Anong shushed us all, indicating that she was going to start. How rude. You could have at least asked. The boys and I immediately became quiet, silence filling the air, and everybody but me anticipated for what was going to happen next. In a loud, clear voice she began to sing a song she absolutely loved, although it wasn't her favourite, she sang it anyway; Do What We Do by Jay Park. At first her voice was soft, her nerves getting the best of her, but after a couple of lines her voice became more powerful. The boys stared in awe until she finished the last note.            Everyone at the table stood up and clapped so loud I thought the neighbors would hear us! Anong stood up and bowed a whole bunch of times before we went back to eating. Taehyung suddenly shouted “Now you have to rap for us!” She complied and began rapping to Got7 Just Right. I have only heard her rap this song so many times, it was ridiculous. It's literally her theme song. If she was a superhero or something her name would be Right Light and her special ability was to rap the song Just Right to take down her enemies. I laughed a little, earning rude stares from the boys but Anong continued. She finally finished the song earning an ovation of claps. Suddenly Taehyung had began to compliment her.             “Wow Anong! That was amazing! Can you get even more amazing!?” And all this mushy gushy stuff that made Anong red to the core. She literally looked like a rose and a tomato had a baby. I began making all these grossed out faces, my inner child showing. The boys laughed at me, earning weird looks from the two love birds. Don't look at me like that! You are the two who started it.           I had completely forgotten about the question till they were all looking at me, making me chew my food really slowly. What’s up with all the stares lately? I have a bubble you know. I cleared my throat before swallowing all my food. “What?” I raised my eyebrows indicating my emotion; confusion.            “What was your job Hatai?” Jin asked, putting down his food and folding his arms, leaning forward in the process.           I chuckled a little before answering. “I actually had multiple jobs. I was a choreographer, a music teacher, and a personal trainer. But sometimes I would help Anong with vocal lessons for some clients.” The boys were slightly surprised by my answer I'm guessing since their mouths were slightly open and eyes wide.           Anong noticed this too and nodded her head agreeing. “She was a very busy girl. She literally had no life other than work and school.” We both laughed at her quote of me having no life, which was totally true. All I did was work and school. I did it for her, for me, for us.           “Okay, prove it. Dance to a song, play an instrument and sing.” Yoongi said in a challenging voice.          “As you wish Mr. Min.” I sighed, but complied to what they asked for. I pulled out my phone putting on the song Erase by Hyeri and Jooyoung. I kept on moving to the beat and rhythm, my moves in sync with the song. Once it was finished I was a little sweaty but I've been worse so it wasn't really anything to worry about. I didn't notice that Anong brought down my piano from my room and put it on the counter for me to play. Yoongi pulled out a sheet of notes for me to play but I automatically put them face down.           “You're supposed to play looking at the notes.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone. No really? I never knew! Sarcasm dripping from my very thoughts.           “I know but I can't read notes. I can only play by sound.” They all looked at me confused excluding Anong. She knows my struggle at least.           “I’ll prove it. Put on a random song and I will play it.” Yoongi pulled out his phone and suddenly their song I NEED U started playing. I listened carefully for I didn't really know how to play it. After it was over, I put my fingers on the keys, taking in a deep breath. Show them what you got. I started playing, pressing random keys to see if they sound like the song. Everyone stared at me weird but I shook them off, stating “This is how I learn. Don't judge me.” They nodded their heads slowly, understanding that I actually do learn by ear. I began playing it, messed up a few times but nonetheless I kept playing, shaking off my nervousness. I was lost in the music and began playing more songs. After I was finished, the boys mouths were left slightly agape. You're all gonna catch flies one day, I swear.           Blood began rushing up to my cheeks before Hoseok suddenly said, “Time to sing!” I groaned a little, thinking of what song to sing. I chose to sing the spanish version of Miracles In December by EXO. I started out slow, my voice shaking a little before becoming smooth and started to sound better. Did I think I was a good singer? No, actually. I just loved singing. Growing up I was always told that I sang good but that is one thing I was always insecure about. But not so much anymore. Just more stage fright. Soon I ended the song and everybody clapped. I bowed, thanking them.          “Guess I was wrong to second guess you. But can you do 10 squats and pushups with Jungkook on your back?” I nodded my head slowly before groaning inwardly. Won't these boys ever let me rest. Jungkook asked if I could carry him and I replied with a yes before having him jump on my back. He was surprisingly really light. It felt like I was carrying a 7 year old. I did 10 squats before going to the ground and tried doing pushups. On the first one, I already messed up. I collapsed to the ground with Jungkook still on top of me and everybody began to laugh. I have absolutely no arm strength whatsoever. Can I rest now? I got back up with Jungkook still on my back. God you are getting heavy. I fixed the way he was on my back, making it more comfortable for him and I.           I heard sniffing and found him smelling the crook of my neck. I laughed a little, blood rushing to my cheeks. He stopped abruptly before jumping off carefully and scratched the back of his head. “Sorry about that. You just smell really good. What shampoo and conditioner do you use?” This caused everybody to laugh, including him.           What an odd question, I thought while sniffing my own hair. “It's fine. And thank you! I use Dove shampoo and Pantene conditioner.” The boys nodded one by one before a phone started to ring. It was Namjoon. He walked out of the room, leaving us in silence. It's getting late. Their manager must be calling them.           Jin laughed the hardest. “I thought you said you were a personal trainer!” His laugh echoing throughout the entire house. I hit his arm playfully.           “I was! But only for legs! I have no arm muscle at all.” I pouted, the rest of the boys still laughing. Anong came and gave me a side hug.           “Yah!” That got everybody’s attention. “Stop laughing! It's not her fault she has noodle arms!” I began to wiggle my arms as if they were noodles. We all laughed. Hoseok and Jin laughed so hard it looked like they were going to die. Legitimately.           Our laughter stopped once Namjoon came back into the room explaining that they had to leave. No~. I wish they could stay longer. We all began to say our goodbyes before Jungkook gave me a kiss on the forehead and Jimin gave me a peck on the cheek. What cheeky buttheads. I giggled, their faces full of jealousy towards the other. This is not gonna end too well. I looked over to find Anong and Taehyung saying their goodbyes. They looked like a couple. It's funny because he is her ultimate bias in BTS. How cute! Wait! I need a picture of this! I pulled out my phone and took a perfect moment picture. They were staring into each other’s eyes, lost in a trance. I showed the picture to the other boys, earning snickers and ‘aww’s’ from around the room. I saw Taehyung slip his phone out, along with Anong, and switched phones. They are obviously getting each other's numbers. Yes! They are hooking up! I gave whoever was next to me a highfive, who ended up being Namjoon and instead of hitting his hand I hit his face. “Oh my god, I am so sorry! Are you okay? Do you need ice?” Everybody in the room was stunned. I just hit Namjoon. Oh no.           “Really Hatai? Again?” Anong came over and slapped the back of my head.        The boy's’ eyes opened wide, if that was even possible. Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed. “Again? You mean, this happens a lot?” We both nodded our heads and I facepalmed myself for my idiocy and clumsiness.           Freaking Hatai. Why are you so clumsy? Why couldn't you just be sassy? Why did clumsiness come with the package? As if Anong was reading my mind she laughed. “You just are an accident prone Hatai!”               “Just like Namjoon hyung!” Taehyung stated. The rest of the boys nodded and agreed. Good god, not this. I rolled my eyes before casually pushing the boys out of my house but before I could Taehyung suddenly yelled to Anong. “We will meet again, my love!” And a sudden WHACK! was heard, causing me and Anong to chuckle.            We all waved bye to each other, only Anong and I knowing we'll be seeing them this Thursday, in two days.            Anong and I got ready for bed, saying goodnight and going back to our own rooms. Thoughts began running through my head, lulling me to sleep. Soon darkness began to enclose my vision more than it already was, noting that I’m lying in the pitch black of my bedroom. The last thought that came to mind, I ended up saying out loud. “I love you.” But who is it that I love?
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oh man this cliffhanger is going to kill me 😣😣😣😣 and the feels aren't helping at all 😢 is this just a love triangle or are there going to be more members involved or maybe this cliffhanger is getting to me XD I can't wait for the next chapter 😁😁😆😆