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One of my favorite lifestyle personalities to follow on Insta is @SSSSamanthaa (Samantha Ravndahl) out of Vegas. She's also a fabulous makeup artist that shows you just how possible it is to get your mug done right and do it so effortlessly in t-shirts, sweats and more!
Notice the pop of pastel in her tear ducts! Would you take the plunge and throw in a pop of color when the other aspects of your makeup is on the natural shaded side?
Her makeup, besides her eyes, is virtually non-existent. She shows you just how easy it is to play with your eyes and throw on some simple lip gloss and go. Her hair isn't even done. Love this look!
Not sure what to think of that pop of color but I love the whole look.
Yes! She looks amazing!
Wow she is so pretty! And the makeup is fabulous!! I definitely like this look.
I like it. a little pop of colour the jumps out and suprises. that's fun!