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The moment we've all been waiting for. It's like "The Avengers" all over again. The excitement, the rush, and the expectations. What were mine? Very little. I have looked forward to this movie, but I always tone down my excitement because you never know if a movie will disappoint those expectations. That being said...this movie was fucking awesome. I mean holy crap was it badass. But just because it has its pros doesn't mean it doesn't have its cons. Side note: I will not be talking about the fight scenes due to the fact we all know that Marvel's fight scenes are always off the hook amazing and this film is no exception, especially what Ant-Man and Spider-Man respectively pull out. I will be focusing on other key points of the film.
As always, the good stuff: 1. The Team-ups. Remember when "The Avengers" came out and we were all bouncing in our seats when we saw all of our favorites heroes finally brought together? This is that but multiply that by 10. You got Ant-Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and the Avengers who made it into this movie (minus Thor and Hulk). Only this time, they're split up to fight one another, it's intriguing and heartbreaking. I've also gotta say something about Black Panther. The moment he appears in costume, the entire movie theatre (myself included) was cheering and applauding, and it was well deserved. The costume is great and so detailed. It's paying respect to the comic while also adding some modern flair. And I have to talk about the new Spider-Man. Now I was disappointed when I learned early on that Andrew Garfield wasn't going to be in it, but after seeing the new guy...I honestly don't mind. For once, we have a Spider-Man/Peter Parker who is portrayed by an actual teenager and acts like a teenager. He's still pretty likable and seems more like the teenage Spider-Man from the comics than any other Spider-Man from the big screen. Although, I have one little critique about the costume. The spider insignia is WAY too small. It looks like a baby spider.
2. The Plot/Writing. This was written very well, from the dialogue to the humor. When it was Team Stark vs Team Cap, there were still sarcastic and funny moments that made you laugh but still keep you on the edge of your seat. Even when they're fighting each other, they remark in how they're "pulling their punches" and still respect each other despite their differences. The plot itself is just great. A year after the Ultron and Sokovia incident, the Avengers (Cap, Falcon, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch) get into trouble when Scarlet Witch tries to telekinetically send the explosion away from the bystanders but ends up exploding a portion of a nearby building instead, causing controversy. The United Nations gives them a choice to sign what's called the Sokovian Accords that allows the government if and when the Avengers are to step in. Stark is all for it due to his guilt in Sokovia, but Steve is against it, believing in free will as well as what happened the last time he trusted the government in "Captain America 2". There's also Bucky being framed and hunted down with only Steve and his team to take his side. There isn't a dull moment here. One more thing, I was afraid that this was going to be like Batman v. Superman where there's this big fight and then that's it, they're all friends again. Thank god that wasn't the case! Sure, Tony and Steve make up, but when Tony finds out it was Bucky (brainwashed) who killed his parents and that Steve knew, he goes ballistic and tries to take revenge on Bucky. The fight continues. The conflict continues. The WAR continues. Once again, you feel for Bucky because he was under the influence of Hydra, but you also feel for Tony because he feels betrayed and angry. Both sides have the pros and cons.
3. The Villain. The villain is very unexpected and I mean that in a good way. Helmut Zemo's only goal is turn the Avengers against each other all because he blamed them for Sokovia and what happened to his family in Sokovia. The way he plans everything out, every little detail, just happens so well. Tony and Steve are on step 1 while Zemo's on step 11! He's 10 steps ahead of them, so they've gotta pick up the pace. Once you hear his backstory, you feel kinda bad for him. You hate him, but you still feel bad. Not everybody is born a bad guy.
4. The Moral Issues. The decisions to be made here are hard. Let's start with the Sokovia Accord. On the one hand, the Avengers can sign and let the government decide when they are needed allowing less destruction, but you are the government's lapdog meaning you do what they tell you to do, despite what you WANT to do. On the other hand, they can tell the government to stick it up their asses and become vigilantes, but while they're intentions are good, they may still cause more harm than good and are also on the run front said government. It's a hard decision to make. So I understand why Tony signs, but I also understand why Steve doesn't. Then there's that fight between Tony with Steve and Bucky. Bucky was under the control of Hydra and couldn't do anything of his own free will, but Tony doesn't care. He doesn't see a victim, he sees the man who killed his family (most notably his mother). You feel for both sides.
The not-so-good: 1. The Score. Not to say the music wasn't good, I just think it could've been better. I'm not talking about the major fight scenes, the scores in those were great, I'm talking about everything in between. The long talks, the arguing, the heart-to-hearts, etc. I got a soap opera vibe from those rather than a superhero movie. It's not awful, but I wish the scores could've been better.
2. The Titles. This just plain bothered me. The titles that tell you where the scene is taking place ex: Siberia or Vienna, are way too big. Usually you make it big enough to see in the left or right hand corner where you can identify where the scene is and also see the scene in front of you. Instead, the titles are white, bold letters that take up the entire screen. It's very out of character with the whole movie. I know it's a nitpick, but it's still something that annoyed me throughout the movie. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to show as an example, but once they come out, I'll put them out no longer how old this review will be by then.
Consensus? It was badass! This is a movie I wouldn't mind watching again and again. The characters are likable, the story is compelling, the situations are understandable, and it's just so freakin great! The best way I can describe this movie is what Batman v. Superman did wrong, Civil War did right! A lot of people on this site ask "whose side are you on?" I'm kinda neutral. I'm in the grey area. It's too hard of a decision to make. A quick announcement. Due to my job, Tuesday's are getting harder and harder for me to put out my reviews as you can very well tell that this is the 2nd time I've had to post my review on a Wednesday. So starting today, I will post my reviews every Wednesday. There, nice a quick. Like ripping off a band-aid. Also what do you want me to review next week? Something old? Something new? Something good? Something bad? Let me know in the comments. If I dont get any requests by Thursday, Ill just put something out. K? Fair? Goodie.
I think it would have been really easy to mess this movie up. With so many characters, and so much stuff going on, I think this could easily have been a confusing, lackluster mess. But instead it was well organized and thoughtfully executed. And the design team as always was incredible!!!!
@redapple615 agreed. I just think reordering the scenes would give more time to deal with all the feels.
@CreeTheOtaku lol you have my permission to skip until you see the movie. @OctoberHymns I agree with you on that. After that whole thing with Tony, it did feel sudden, but at the same time it was still fitting for Steve's character to care about Tony because he understands what he's going through.
@redapple615 So. Much. Yes.
agree across the board Redapple. The big fight was actually the big fight and not leading up to a bigger baddie. You believed the reasons why everyone was fighting in the sides they were and why they though they were right. No one forcing someone into the fight, no one just being aggressive for aggressions sake. The only real critique I have was I felt the emotional shift at the end was too sudden. I didn't have time to really process all that emotion and energy before they threw a joke and optimistic note at us. I think if they had swapped that ending with the mid credit roll scene with Bucky, that would have helped the flow better. But otherwise this film is just pure awesome
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