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SO SORRY THAT ITS LATE *CRIES IN ENGLISH, SPANISH AND KOREAN* I just finished three days of art critiques and I just need to write a 7 page paper and make two presentations...FML

This card is for @taetaebaozi and all you Taehyung lovers, what would it be like to be


House Of Cards

Both of you would pick a house with lots of room to hang out and be weird together. What's even better is that you choose one on the bitch---I MEAN BEACH. (Yes beach, sorry i'll drop and do 20 push ups mianhae). It was the perfect location because you could go out and play in the water, great for those weekends when BTS would come spend the day and have a bbq.

Converse High

Yes you are both still kids on the inside, you need entertainment so what's better than a room dedicated to video games and a pool table?! Since you both love fashion you had to have a walk in closet for the master bedroom. (full of converse ^^) You let him have his way and chose green, black and white but you got to pick the decorations and bedding.


The kitchen would be white with stainless steel ware. Both of you absolutely love meat and hot chocolate so you'd never run out of good food. Endless snacks but you know there would also be some healthy food. You like to make him his favorite food, japchae, after he's come home after a long day. And you made sure he left the cooking to you. Sure you love Tae but it was best that he decorated the cupcakes while you did the baking.

Just One Day

When both of you had gotten married you had a serious talk about waiting to have children for a bit but you surprised him about a year into your new life together. You were going to have a boy, and you let him name him seeing how ecstatic he was to teach him everything and be a great man just like his father. Taekwon was soon to be accompanied with a sibling! About two years after he was born you had Taegeuk and couldn't be happier to have the most adorable energetic children. You all loved to go out together: have picnics, go to the zoo and amusement parks on the weekends to have fun. Sometimes you wondered how many kids were in the house because he was so playful but you loved seeing them so happy together.

If I Ruled The World

You decided to be an at home work wife that way you never lost any of the precious moments with your kids. You loved making him lunch boxes and have him come home to a clean and lively house with the kids. Of course you missed him when he went on tour and he never failed to call you everyday no matter where BTS was. He loved to skype and face time the most because he wanted to see the kids faces and yours too, they would show him their art projects from school and sing with him. Both of you were really happy and made good money so during the summers all of you would go together with the boys and vacation. They loved their goofy and playful six uncles so much. You have a pretty dope life!!
I hope you like it, and again sorry it was late!!! >// <
.....did you see what i did with those titles though? :D
Thank you! πŸ’•@MonAnnahiX @taetaebaozi
@VKookie47 yes i loved it so much~!! and yes god luck with your finals hwatting~!
Yess, I loved this so much! Good Luck on all you assignments and finals! hwaiting! πŸ’ͺ😊
πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT *creates an ocean with you*
omg!!! i loved it so so so soooo much!!!!!!! i just cant * le cries a river* i loved it so so so much i cant i cant even explain anymore thank you so so much i loved everything about it your amazing thank you so so so much * still cries while re-reading this again and again*
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