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so as you know cookie is sick with the flu haters are bashing hope and v saying things and so on well I'm there next fan meet I want to give everyone of them a pen like this that I made but it takes a lot of time so what should I do I really need help
that is so pretty!!
@Badtz well I don't know if I Can see them yet but I want to plus it's hard to choose a bias with them but the one that caught my eye was yoongi right at first but they all wreck my list but Jin is my top wrecker
Or you could give just one pen to one of the members and say it's for BTS/ your bias. Really up to you but glad you can see them even if Kookie's out sick!!
@Badtz ok I'll so that thanks for the advice
Idk how much time you have and whatnot because I've never been to a fanmeet, but maybe, if you have the time to make one for all of them, then give them to the members that are there and ask one of them to give Kookie his.
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