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안녕하세요... Hello Hello!! KPopBeat here with today's Daily MV Hook Up. So I am uploading this late into the day... the reason? Because the man up there left me fighting internally with which of his amazing songs to share with you.... SOOOO... when in doubt? Share them all!! I have picked out some of my favorite Rain Bi songs. If you have not heard of this man then you need to go deeper into the Kpop world. This man is a legend within Kpop dancing idols. He also has gone as far as to star in many Asian Dramas and even take a lead role in an American movie... Ever seen Ninja Assassin? Well the sexy ninja main star is none other than the dancing, singing, idol god himself. He also was in the movie Speed Racer.... There is definitely no saying this idol does not have the gift.
This 82' idol debuted in 1998 with a boy group named Fanclub... they did not do very well though and in 2002 he debuted as a solo artist by the name of Rain. He originally was apart of JYP Entertainment but has since left to start his own label company.
This song was released in 2004 with JYP Entertainment. I love this song for its catchy beat and fantastic choreography.
Rainism is one of his more well known works. You can also find this song in English as Rain has amazing English skills and does do a number of his songs in both Korean and English.
30Sexy is one of his more recent works... but with the seer contagiousness of this song and video it is no surprise that Rain has maintained his super star status.
Last but sure not least we have Love Song... Now as you can imagine this song is a slower song that show cases Rain's amazing vocals.... but despite the slow ballad nature of the song... this MV and choreography sent many fangirls into shock. The epic dance scene still stays fresh in the mind of older Kpop fans to this day... Don't believe me? Check it out yourself!
Okay okay... so the guy rips his shirt off and all... so since you already saw it... BONUS!! some pictures to go with! lol
Well hope you enjoyed this Edition of Your Daily MV Hook Up!!
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@KPopBeat OUT!!!!
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I'll take more! lol He's so unbelievably HOT! lol
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 RAIN! \O/
lol you really couldn't choose could you. 😂😂 @KpopBeat (🐳 Sky)
He seriously is... The man is something else
No... it was a nightmare