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@SassyMaknae I meant to do this last week but I was super busy. This is for your 'Adopt a Kpop Group' challenge thingy. I chose the color yellow so my group is, and without further ado.. Melody Day 멜로디데이 Debut date: February 28, 2014 on Music Bank Debut Song: Another Parting Management: Viewga Entertainment Year active: 2012 - Present FACTS - Melody Day started their career in 2012 as soundtrack singers for dramas. - In October 2014, Melody Day added a fourth member, Yoomin.
Stage name: Yeoeun (여은) Real name: Jung Jieun (정지은) Birth date: January 25, 1990 Position: Vocalist, Leader Height: 169cm Instagram Account: yeosilver
Stage name: Yein (예인) Real name: Ahn Yein (안예인) Birth date: May 04, 1995 Position: Vocalist Height: 168cm Instagram Account: yen_thankful954
Stage name: Chahee (차희) Real name: Park Sooyoung (박수영) Birth date: March 24, 1996 Position: Vocalist, Maknae Height: 167cm Instagram Account: hichaheebye
Stage name: Yoomin (유민) Real name: Na Yoomin Birth date: August 29, 1993 Position: Vocalist Height: 165cm Debut Date as Melody Member: June 09, 2015 on SBS MTV "The Show" Debut Song: #LoveMe Instagram Account: im.umin
They have beautiful voices! I love their song "Hallo" the most, so far. It's the third video here. I don't have a bias at the moment, oh well.
@SassyMaknae I kinda did too
Perfect! I totally forgot about this!