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Hey guys, I'm back again to discuss more on ombre hair. I will not cover the basics here, so if you're interested you can refer to this card for basic terminology and this card on the trending highlighting terms. Today, I will be covering the basic of hair color. I will be using ombre hair as an example.
The chart below is by talented hair colorist Larisa Love. It shows the ombre level from light to dark. Please keep in mind certain tone seem darker than others. Every eye is different, so is every shade. Licensed hair color are trained to see exactly what level the color is.


The first thing hair colorist analyze before jumping in to suggesting a hair color. This refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. In each color family there is light, medium and dark. Ex: light blonde, medium blonde and dark blonde.
Generally, black is either level 1 or 2. The lightest blonde is the highest level.
Dark ---> Light


This simply means how light or dark a color is. For instance, everyone heard of 50 shades of gray. Within the color grey, there are lighter and darker variations.
The chart above displays the base shade added to ombre hair.


This is the finishing touch of a shade. It defines the warmth or coolness. You probably heard your hair colorist talking about warm, neutral or cool tone. No matter what your level of color, you can choose from a variety of tones to help you achieve your color transformation.
Once you get this all memorized mixing your own formula will be a breeze!
Also, questions are always welcomed! Feel free to comment below.