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Best friend
Hates You
Has a crush on you
One night stand
The one you cheated on
The one hooking you up
Loves you but you abandoned him
The 3 kidnapping you (screenshot 3 times)
Raping you
the one Saving you
The one you kill
And finally the one you end up with
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well...I got YB for all but one...I guess the Daesung squad kidnapped me (I got Dae three times for the kidnapped one😂😂)
2 years ago·Reply
The one I end up: Taeyang, 😊 that's all that matters.
2 years ago·Reply
I'll inform you later I have a massive headache 💙
2 years ago·Reply
WTF.. is all i can sayy... you are sooooo gonna dieeee when u see my results
2 years ago·Reply