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"(Y/N)! Come here!!" Looking around the cafeteria you saw Minseok waving at you from the table with his friends. You walked up to the table and set down in between him and Kyungsoo. "What took you so long?" Kyungsoo asked as he took a bite of his sandwich. "I needed to finish my test" You grabbed your sandwich off your tray and started to eat it. All the other boys were stuck in a conversation about how dragons were real. Guess who started it? You laughed at times and put a small input but that was about all you did. While eating you felt someone stare at you. You looked over to the side to see Kyungsoo jerk his head the other away. Looking closer at him you saw a blush go over his cheeks. Giggling, you turned your head back to the others just in time to hear Kris say that he had proof dragons were real. "Sure you do hyung" Jongdae says with a eye roll "Hey he said he has proof! Show us" You said as you leaned forward a little Kyungsoo was sitting next to you but you didn't notice how his hand was getting closer to yours until you felt his hand. You jumped in shock and got weird looks form the others. "C-cold chill?" You say. You heard Kyungsoo sigh from beside you. What was his problem? "Hey (Y/N) can I talk to you alone?" He asks. Nodding you stood up and walked to the rooftop with Kyungsoo following behind. "What do you want to talk about?" "I just want to know.....uh huh.........Do you like anyone at the moment?" Kyungsoo said nerveously. You nodded. "I do. Why are you asking?" You say. You were confused on why one of your friends was asking you this question. And out of all people the Satan out of the group. "Well I was wondering if you would go out with me" He was now looking at the floor. He didn't dare try to meet your eyes. "yes I'll go out with you" You said with a bright smile. Kyungsoo smiles back at you. You looked over his face. His eyes were glistening and round, his smile wide and not awkward. He was dressed in his uniform which fit his personality perfectly. You never thought he would ask you out yet here you are. You knew even if years pass and you are still together you would remember this day. Or maybe the day you realised you were in love with Kyungsoo. "Well then let's go jagi" he says with an arm extended to you. You took it. "Ne" You also realised how he made you feel complete. And now you two are the newest couple of the school *END* Personally I don't think I did good with this one. I didn't know what I should do and this came out so...ya.