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Ok, I was just watching Chen singing on Masked Idol when I some how ran across this video of him singing in his classroom.
So after watching this, other videos started to pop up with it. So I decided to share them with you guys X3
- Do in a classroom (apparently not paying attention to the teaching XD) - Jongin dancing to SuJu's "Sorry Sorry" (can you guess which one he is) - Chanyeol beatboxing on a show - Baekhyun singing in his school band - Baekhyun singing C.N.Blue with his friend - Baekhyun just playing around (sorry I couldn't seem to find other predebut videos of the other members >~<) Hoped you enjoyed the videos ^^ The ones of Baekhyun were my favorite though, it shows that he still kept his outgoing silly personality even after debut and in EXO X3
Baekhyun needs to stop being cute
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This is adorable look at Chanyeol πŸ’•
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