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It is normal for celebrities to go through a rollercoaster of hairstyles, especially when in preparation for red carpet events. 2016 Cannes Film Festival just begun and there is no doubt celebrities are prepping for their glam appearance. One of the many that caught my attention this week is Kristen Stewart. During the Met Gala event she was sporting a super cool half-up top knot. This week her hair went from a dirty blonde to platinum blonde and it looks absolutely stunning. Best hairstyle of Kristen Stewart? I think so!
A closer look at her hairstyle:
Noticed how her brunette roots are peeking out from the top. Without it her hair would probably look flat. This small touch adds dimension and a cool amount of edge. Another brilliant thing is her eye makeup because it the smokey look create the perfect amount of contrast to her bleached hair.
Hollywood Life even compared T Swift & K Stewart on their new grungy hairstyle.
Which one is your favorite?
I agree with you @hikaymm
Yes i love this on her actually!! She wears the look better than Taylor, I think. I actually like the dimension the dark roots add!
@hikaymm I agree. Taylor's hair looks a little brassy compared to Kristen.
kristen ❤
she's my favorite actor