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We all know that dance MV dropped and it was lit!!! Amazing dancing from an amazing group... However I'm gonna be that person to point out something that we all may have noticed but not really... Be prepared and in advance
So (judgement free zone here) I just wanted to know how Can We Just Ignore This SUGA... I present to you, death by Suga...
Yes his shirt was raised for a very brief second... #sorrynotsorry this had to be done... Die with me Army...
I was dead from the intro... Suga and Jin always manage to just destroy me in the worst way... I'm just BTS trash lol
@LeannePratt I'm glad I wasn't the only one lol
I noticed it the first time I watched the fire dance version MV I was flipping out I was like omg Suga tummy I can see it haha
I was so focused on Suga the whole time though haha he killed me