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I have been feeling pretty down and stressed out lately, but one person always knows how to make me feel better, and that is Jimin! So how about a little Jimin photo spam to get us through the rest of the week? I know I could use one.
I literally have over 250 pictures of him on my phone, so I have plenty to work with.
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@Defy24601 I want him to stop. Yet at the same time. I never want him to stop
I NEVER get tired of looking at Jimin! Love repeats and love love seeing new photos anytime! Makes my day better!
@jiminakpop Thank you so much! I never tire of Jimin either. 😉 I am glad I could brighten your day!
@Defy24601 hope your day & week improved too! You definitely got some Vingle ❤️ coming at ya!
@jiminakpop Thank you so much! 😘 My Vingle fam is the best!