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We all know that makeup ranges in price, quality, whatever. I think most of here also know that expensive product doesn't always equal quality! In my daily routine, I use products that cost less than $2 and ones that cost of $40 (seriously). And that's probably why these videos cracked me up so much!
It's just so funny to see people have their minds BLOWN at the prices of things! I mean, if you're not familiar with what things can cost, I can totally understand the surprise!
I've seen this buzzfeed vid around before, but it's still fun to watch every. single. time!!!
There's actually been a "guys guess the prices of girly things" tag of sorts going around with Youtubers for a while now, and I put a few of the videos here, too.
Here's the thing though: you don't HAVE to spend a lot on makeup! Sure, there's expensive products that work. There's also inexpensive products that work. It's all about what you're willing to pay for, and what you want to pay for!! I don't want this card to come off like "you should be spending a ton" rather "you COULD be spending a ton."
100000 props to you if you've managed to not spent a small fortune on makeup :P You've figured it out!!!
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I don't really spend much on makeup but I admit I do spend on skincare products. Only if the price and quality is reasonable.