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It may be early in the season, but the Yanks are in a tough spot.
After the first month of the season, NY is 13-19 which is 5th place in the AL East. The team has Carlos Beltran and a couple other key vets coming off the books at the end of the season. If the Yanks want to make a post-season surge, those type of experienced players are needed down the stretch, but who knows if they can make the run even if those guys are on the roster?
The Yanks have two young solid arms in Evolvaldi and Severino, but desperately need to find another solid starter in their rotation. They also could use another strong young bat.

Should the Yanks move guys like Beltran and Bret Gardner down the stretch for young prospects?

Or they can keep on sucking with their current roster ;)
@DucktheFodgers I am perfectly okay with that, and im sure the Os are to lmao!! XD
Well with Chapman in the could be a turning point for the Yankees
Yeah they're way too old right now