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It had been a year. A whole year. You never thought that you and your crazy, deep voiced boyfriend would make it this far, but you did.
You knew he had a busy schedule but you didn’t think it would conflict with your one year.
You had set up the bedroom, with rose petals sprinkled across the floor, candles lit, and you in a very sexy dress. Yongguk told you that he would be off at 7:00, the clock read 7:30 as you lay on the bed waiting for him to get home. The minutes passed and there was still no sign of Yongguk. “I don’t know why I thought this would’ve actually worked out” you sighed. More than an hour passed and you had had enough. You weren’t going to wait for him. So you blew out all the candles and crawled into bed, forgetting to take your dress off.
“______” you heard a deep voice call. “Are you asleep?”
“I was about to be, why?”
“Look, ____, I’m so sorry for being late, we got held up at practice and then the bus got a flat, but to make it up to you I took all of tomorrow off!”
“Yongguk, you really didn’t have to do that.”
“Yes I did, now I need to do this as well.”
And with that he had crossed the room to your side of the bed and was straddling you, his face just mere inches from yours. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. How my hands would roam your body, how I’ll be able to taste your sweet taste, and how I’ll be having you scream out my name.”
With that you couldn’t resist it anymore, you smashed your lips against his, earning yourself a low grumble from his mouth. “Some ones a little naughty tonight” he snickered. “Shut up and get this dress off of me.”
As you slid his tank top off, he started fumbling with the zipper, getting frustrated that he couldn’t get it off, he grabbed the ends of the dress and ripped it over your head, leaving you speechless.
Your hands started to roam across his body, taking your time to rub over each muscle. You got down to the zipper of his pants and managed to unbutton them before Yongguk pushed you back down on the bed. “I want to be in control tonight” and with that he took one of his ties from the drawer and tied your hands behind your back. You started to pout at how you weren’t going to be able to touch him but he silenced you with a deep hard kiss. He bit your lower lip and forced entry, not giving you a chance to think about dominating him. His tongue was all over yours and you loved the way it felt.
He started to trail his tongue down your neck, to your collarbone, to your tummy, leaving small kisses and bites here and there, and making you produce tiny little whimpers.
He made his way back up to your breasts and quickly undid the strap on it. “It’s a good thing that was a front clip, or we would’ve had problems." Once your bra was gone he began massaging your breasts, making your nipples harden to peaks. He saw this and took the opportunity to take one in his mouth and play with the other one. Him biting your nipple had you a moaning mess and you just wished you could run your fingers through his hair. "Yongguk” you whined “let me touch you.”
“No way is that happening” he snarled.
You bucked your hips telling him that you were getting impatient and wanted to feel total euphoria.
He knew what you wanted and slowly wrapped his fingers around the elastic of your panties and yanked them down. He stood up for just a second to take his pants and boxers off.
“Are you ready” he whispered.
“Of course.”
When he knew you were ready he slowly pushed into you and began pumping slowly, releasing a low deep moan at how great you felt. He kept this pace for a while until you moaned at him to go faster.
He picked up the pace in no time, slamming into you relentlessly, making you scream out in pleasure.
This wasn’t the first time you guys had sex but it was definitely the roughest. You looked down and the sight of his dick sliding in and out of you put you on edge. You were so close when he suddenly pulled out.
After he shushed you he flipped you over so your face was in the pillow and your ass up in the air.
“I’ve always wanted to try doggy style.”
He began pounding into you from behind. He grabbed onto your hips for leverage that you knew there would be marks tomorrow. You had no way to hold yourself up so you continuously screamed and moaned into the pillow.
He bent over and started kissing your back and shoulders while still pounding into you.
“Yongguk….I’m close” you breathed out.
“I know, me too.”
His thrust began to become erratic and you knew he was close as well. With a few more thrusts he had you screaming. Your walls clenching around his dick was enough to send him on edge, with that you felt him cum inside you and finished off with a few more thrusts before pulling out.
He untied the ties around your hands and gently laid you down on the bed before pulling the covers over both of you and pulling you super close to him.
“I love you, ______.”
“I love you too, Yongguk.”
“Oh, and _______?”
“Happy one year anniversary.”

Short but I hope you enjoyed it
Oh MY GAAAAD. I got stop reading this before going to sleep @IsoldaPazo @PrettieeEmm
@luna1171 I read it at work too.
daaaaaammmnnnnnn!! my baby!!
@PrettieeEmm yes....yes you did!
Every time I see you post a story my first thoughts are "oh...fuck". Are you trying to kill me lol
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