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Up first is I.M. He was my first bias in Monsta X and he still is. When I first saw him was on N.O Mercy and he was very quite and the others kind of pushed him away but once they started working I could tell he would be my favorite then he talked and I died his voice killed me and then I saw him in 0(young) MV and he started rapping I was in love. I started watching their variety shows and he was such a dork I like dorky guys hahah.
3rd is Chanyeol of EXO. Oh god this man kills me every time he speaks his voice is sexy as f**k but he is so cute and agin he is a huge dork. And he is way better looking in real life. He is kind of perfect and he is super sweet too. As you can tell I really love him. Chanyeol is my bae and I wouldn't change that hahah.
4th is Byun Baekhyun of EXO bias list wrecker. I have always liked baek but he ruined my life on Feb 10 2016 in Dallas he f**king winked and I died. And his hips get me every time he pretty much killed me. He is a sexy f**ker and then he can be a cute puppy like it's not fair 😭.
5th is Taehyung of BTS. This boy ruined my life when I watch war of hormone MV he had too much tounge and his deep voice I was hello there sexy mofo. And then I watched him on a variety show and I was like this is the same f**cker he is such a dork I'm in love haha. Tae is so cute and such a sweetheart to the pretty much anyone he always makes me laugh.
6th is Yoongie of BTS. He is other bias list wrecker he is new though too it I just realized how hot he was in the MV Fire please don't kill me. But I love him. I think pretty much anything he does is cute even when he is hardcore rapping I find it cute. He is so talented too. I have a lot of BTS feels haha.
7th is my Ultimate bias of EXO Kyungsoo. I love everything about this boy right here. In my eyes he is my cute baby penguin and I have to protect him. Also I think anything he does is cute even when he is punching baek or chan I find it adorable hahah. He is so sweet though and he is super shy that I want to hide he way from the rest of the world. I'm a proud Momma wolf hahah 😘
Last is my Ultimate Bias Lee Hyukjae of Super Junior. I call him hubby all the time cause he is and he is the only Oppa on my bias list 😭. Hyukjae will always be my number one he is the light of my life and he is the sweetest person I know. I may have other biases but no one will take his spot ever. πŸ’™πŸ’™
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