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A little something I made to help me remember moods in Korean :D (I'M NOT AN ARTIST PLEASE DON'T JUDGE XD)
오늘은 기분이 어때요? (oneuleun kibuni eoddaeyo?) How do you feel today?
행복하다 (haengbokhada) happy
피곤하다 (pigonhada) tired
화가나다 (hwaganada) angry
슬프다 (seulpeuda) sad
부끄럽다 (bukkeureobda) embarrassed, shy
부럽다 (bureobda) envious
장난스럽다 (jangnanseureobda) mischievous
배고프다 (baegopeuda) hungry
섭섭하다 (seobseobhada) disappointed
아프다 (apeuda) sick, hurt
놀라다 (neollada) surprised
미치다 (michida) crazy
I know my drawings aren't the best but hey, it's a cute way to remember your moods in Korean:) ♡
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This was really helpful, I've been trying to learn lately and I need all the help I can get
2 years ago·Reply
awww they're so cute!
2 years ago·Reply
Artist or not this helps A LOT!!!! ;)
2 years ago·Reply